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Tuesday September 14, 2021 — Special Election
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Photo of Holly L. Baade

Holly L. Baade

Mother/Business Owner
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Bring Honest Leadership to the State and Raise-Up the Voices of the People of California
  • Full Transparency for State Funding, Spending and Resource Management
  • Increase Funds and Improve Capacity in Water Resource Management & Fire Prevention and Response



Profession:Director of Mettacine.Org, Small Business Owner
Director, Mettacine Sanctuary PMA (2021–2021)
Owner, Mettacine Health and Wellness Center (2019–2021)
Owner, Joyful Warrior Yoga Studio (2013–2016)


University of Southern California State Capitol Center Masters Degree in Public Administration, Leadership in Uncertain Environments (2006)
Sacramento State Univerisity Bachelors of Arts, Major in Government & Journalism with a Minor in Economics (1996)


Holly L. Baade is a mother, a small business owner and a catalyst for positive change in her community and the State of California. She has led thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies to greater leadership and performance capacities by modeling the way and inspiring a shared vision. She has served as a newspaper reporter covering news and education for The Sacramento Bee and Richmond Times-Dispatch. She worked for more than 12 years as a masterful highly sought-after leadership and team-building consultant for CA state government, non-profits and private corporations. She entered the health and wellness field as a yoga studio owner and a personal health and wellness coach to help individuals more directly. Now, she is the director of Mettacine Sanctuary, a Private Ministerial Association working under Private Law to provide a safe place beyond the reach of criminal-administrative public mandates requiring people to suffocate, breathe carbon dioxide and put poison into their bodies. She is a joyful warrior ready to bring her gifts for team development and leadership capacity to the State of California as Governor in 2021.

Questions & Answers

Questions from League of Women Voters of California Education Fund (3)

How would you address California’s need for affordable housing for low- and moderate-income earners? Please include specific proposals.
Answer from Holly L. Baade:

I intend to create "A Home for every person, a Job for every household, Food for every table, Care for every child, and a Path for everyone to become a positive, contributing, educated member of California communities.” Scarcity of basic resources and needs is something that has been created by the current political structure. There is no lack of housing, there is a mismanagement of resources and processes in place that allow home prices to sky-rocket beyond the capacity of average folks to keep up with the pace of ever-increasing rents, property-taxes and the general loss of purchasing power that comes with astronomical jumps in property-values. I see a systemic problem that needs a multi-layered approach to address. Here are my top 5 priorities when it comes to housing: 1. Get every person in the state to a basic universal income level of $5000. This is not to say each person would get $5000, but rather an amount that needs to supplement their income to this level. 2. Review the health, happiness of all low income housing communities and strengthen their vitality quotient so that there are gardens, community meal spaces and playgrounds for children. 3. Increase community police presence and train the police in community response - encourage community collaboration with police departments so the local police can get to know the people that live in their communities. 4. Open up education and food resources so that people in low and moderate income housing have access to things which inspire honest, positive living. 5. Secure all empty houses in the state for availability with state assistance for move in/rent/ownership.

How would you address the issue of California’s residents who are unhoused? Please include specific proposals.
Answer from Holly L. Baade:

Within the very week that I am signed into office, you will find me on tour not just looking at homeless people and shaking their hands - but immediately getting them off the street and into resources for: shelter, food, clothing, mental health, trauma recovery, job training, drug rehabilitation and positive-self creation. There is no excuse for any person to be asked to be without a home or a hug or happiness that comes from feeling like they belong and are loved. I will make eliminating homelessness one of my top priorities. There is no greater disaster in California than to have so many beautiful people seen as "invisible". My specific proposal includes:

1. Moving all homeless people to centers for recovery, health and wellness housed in state assets that are empty such as schools, old military bases, parks, warehouses, downtown office buildings, hotels and more.
2. Converting some of these Centers for Recovery, Health and Wellness to permanent structures for this purpose while other Transition Housing is built.
3. Put more funds into education, medical assistance and other resources required to help people who might become homeless have somewhere else to go for help!
4. The implementation of a Universal Basic Income for all employed people.
5. The implementation of a State Value-Based Currency that does not rely on money but rather self-reporting work done for the positive enhancement of the community. For example, someone can plant a community garden, take pictures of their work, and upload it to get EBT "food" credits or "housing" vouchers.

Money will be raised for these projects with a new Titan Tax for (30 percent base tax) on monopolists operating in the state with more than $30 million in revenue and a new (10 percent) Recirculation Tax on individuals with multi-generational wealth (more than 2 generations, 3 or more) to bring more money out of "holdings" or private investments into the larger community economy. California's are the owners of one of the most beautiful places on Earth. We can charge a premium to businesses that want to do business here and a for those families who have enjoyed long-term financial strength.  

In essence, I believe in a balanced system with both capitalism/free markets in play and also with social supports that up-lift people without making them "dependent". 

What programs or legislation would you support to meet the water needs of all Californians?  Please include specific proposals.
Answer from Holly L. Baade:

Resource Transparency is my first priority. As the next Governor of California, I will first - take all measures to find out where all the water is going! We have hidden water pipes siphoning off our surface and groundwater systems! We have new dam projects that no one seems to be able to explain or understand, and yet the water that was moving through these rivers is gone? The second step is to find out what it takes to bring more rain to the state. We have the technology to prevent rain, certainly we can work to bring it! I would invest money in inventors who would like to take this project on! Third, I see that we need to keep the water in our state and for people's personal/home use as the first priority by: Eliminating any contracts with corporations to bottle our water, Limiting large-scale production and exportation of high-water volume crops, creating more clean water sources by eliminating wide-spread use of pesticides and other toxic waste!

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Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

Holly Baade is an Authentic, Visionary bringing Californian's Leadership for a Brighter Tomorrow. She brings Mastery in Health Services, Education, Public Administration, Equity + Equal Rights, Women's Rights and Business Development! She is a hometown California Girl who has moved from the “projects” to increasing positions of leadership. She is seeking to bring “Hope, Health & Happiness for Humanity" to Californians with complete transparency for state-income/spending as well as the process for creating public policy. She believes in emergent leadership and working with the voice and will of the people. She believes in upholding the U.S. Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. She advocates for ending all covid-related mandates, supports creating a state Universal Basic Income, Employment Assistance and Value-Based Currency. She seeks to take the influence of money out of governance and to create a healthy balance between the economic, political and social spheres of California. “Our collective wealth is found within the health and happiness of each one of us, and within our individual health and happiness is found our collective wealth.” Says Baade. "In my administration we will have, A Home for every person, a Job for every household, Food for every table, Care for every child & a Path for everyone to become a positive, contributing, educated member of California communities.”

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