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Tuesday June 7, 2022 — California Primary Election
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Timothy J. Ursich

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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Hay que buscar la MEJOR manera de arreglar nuestra crisis de falta de vivienda, en lugar de esperar la manera "CORRECTA" invisible. Esto ya ha durado bastante y hay que actuar AHORA porque está literalmente fuera de control.
  • La reforma de los cuidados de la salud debe incluir el acceso a la atención médica preventiva sin que las aseguradoras dicten "lo que merece" ser un beneficio cubierto. Las aseguradoras ya han "ganado" bastante. Entre ellas y las grandes farmacéuticas, controlan las decisiones de nuestros políticos.
  • Hay que financiar adecuadamente nuestro sistema educativo desechando el tren bala entre San Francisco y Los Ángeles, que no es una NECESIDAD, sino un DESEO, para el estado. Hay que financiar la redistribución para nuestras necesidades antes que nuestros deseos... De lo contrario, hay que devolver el dinero a los contribuyentes. Punto.



Profesión:Trabajador de cuidados de la salud: en primer lugar, orgulloso ciudadano estadounidense.
Doctorado, Marina Sports Medicine (2012–actualment)
Doctor, Independiente (2012–actualment)
Debe haber un proyecto A Bridge Home para desarrollar ideas sobre cómo, Local — Cargo designado (2017–2017)


Universidad de la Costa Este de Maryland, Licenciatura en Ciencias terminada en la Universidad de Ciencias Médicas del S Doctorado, Licenciatura en Ciencias (2008)

Actividades comunitarias

Assistant Baseball Coach for Upper Division/Connie Mack Baseball, AABC (2021–current)
Certified Sports Psychology Counselor, CCSP (2018–current)


As the grandson of a Croatian Immigrant grandmother who was in a refugee center for nearly 2 years in her escape WWII, and eventually making it to America to pursue the American dream, I cannot emphasize just how blessed I was in growing up in such a diverse and disciplined home. I am the proud son of a man who not just inspired me, but challenged me to purse higher education while gaining knowledge and understanding outside of the education bubble. I ended up finding myself at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore where my entire outlook on politics were flipped in being blessed, again, to witness the then, potential first lady, Michelle Obama, speak about her aspirations, her and her husband’s vision, and what it would take to not just accept that you were the underdog, but to accept it and overcome that stigma. "No one knows who you are until you make it know who you are...and when you’re given that chance, you leave people wanting to know more about you." I followed the 2008 campaign closer than maybe anyone who wasn’t an Obama, going to Philadelphia and witnessing an actual candidate debate and realizing just how slanted the political system is. The underdog isn’t the underdog because they aren't knowing. The underdog is the underdog because those who are already known will do anything and everything in their power to keep you down. Witnessing first hand an underdog evolve into a top dog is something I have not been able to shake to this day. I have nothing to lose in running as a real person. I have a unique opportunity to have people find out WHO I am. I am not afraid to say "I don’t know" knowing that I’ve positioned myself around experts in such fields who will allow me to share the knowledge so we grow in knowledge. Any politician who comes across as all knowing has the demeanor of a career politician mastered. I am no longer fooled and I am motivated now more than ever to run and re-establish EXACTLY what representation is by utilizing ALL of the tools to communicate with our constituents to ensure everyone knows that this is THEIR seat... this is OUR government.

Preguntas y Respuestas

Preguntas de League of Women Voters of California (4)

The Federal Government plays a part in California water allocation and use through a variety of projects and laws.  What, if any, new programs or projects or reforms to existing programs and projects would you support in an effort to handle water shortages caused by the current and any future drought?
Respuesta de Timothy J. Ursich:

As large as California is, and as often as our droughts become a problem, there is ZERO reason why, in our ENTIRE STATE which is 50% lined with water, why we only have 11 Desalination plants. California is a MASSIVE STATE and we have MILLIONS OF TONS OF WATER RIGHT HERE that we can process, desalinate and use to both fight our drought periods AND tap into when fires break out. California should lead the pack in having HUNDREDS of these sites and reservoirs of desalinated water that spans the entire state. Many will say "yeah, but, where will you get the money"... We SCRAP the bullet train from Los Angeles to San Francisco (a want) WHICH, by the way, is on pace to carry a 105-BILLION-dollar price tag by the time its done, and we re-invest that money into what we need. This...Just..Makes..Sense!

Should immigration laws be changed?  What changes would you support?  Please explain why.
Respuesta de Timothy J. Ursich:

YES! This is a very simple address for me. Our nation is and will continue to be built on immigration. If there is anything MAJOR to add to our existing law it absolutely needs to come down to the humanitarian aspect of immigration. If we make the process of immigrating to America comfortable, welcoming and pleasant... NOT treating HUMANS as though they are cattle waiting to be branded, we would inevitable see much less chaos at the border. People will understand and know that comfort and compassion is right around the corner. We need to have processing stations at the border where health care workers are positioned who can screen those who are in bad health, to ensure they are receiving both food, water, and physical aide to ensure they are okay. We need to have mental health stations at the border because we far too often forget that many of the immigrants have traveled hundreds of miles, often nutrient deficient and dehydrated in acts of desperations. We need welcome stations where immigrants are registered and understand that they have been documented and that they must comply with not just American Law, but their processing dates. If we can develope structured and methodical stations, the flow at the border will be much more inviting as well as controlled. We will be able to drastically decrease the negative perceptions that we see and hear so much about.

As Senator what, if any, policies or legislation would you support to preserve democracy for all US residents?
Respuesta de Timothy J. Ursich:

Our voting system needs to continue to be one of our most respected and protected system as it is a freedom within our democracy that so many have fought and died for. We need to be leading the world in voter turnout. We need to Accept the outcome of our elections simply because we know this is America and we lead the world in voter security, verification, as well as technology to ensure our elections are not infiltrated by ANY outside OR inside source. Our technology needs to continue to advance to ensure our elections are sacred. We cannot have what we had over the last 2 years in an American persistently claiming that our voting system is rigged because, much like the art of war, the best way to create chaos is to create it from within. 

Example of advancing in protection: If we have voter’s receipts much like a restaurant tab, where our electronic votes are casted, AND we receive a printed out "receipt" that shows who we voted for that gets signed upon final scan (on paper), and that gets sealed and delivered, we can have a backup count system. I believe we have a lot of foreign and domestic players who are looking to "get what they want" or "who they want" in office. Our job is to stay 2 steps ahead of them. 


What legislation, if any, would you support to reduce American greenhouse gas production?  Please explain the reasons for your position.
Respuesta de Timothy J. Ursich:

Incentives need to be our best friend. We have seen too many "time crunch" type pushes here in California with no regard to peoples financial/life situations. We need to impose an indefinite tax incentive to citizens to encourage and incentivize, without feeling pressure, to pursue, adapt and adopt solar so our carbon footprint begins to decrease. We have become creatures of a required need for "Instant" results which gets us in trouble because that sets us up for failure. There is no denying that California is a pretty difficult state to live in in terms of something as basic as cost of living. We need to do a better job of INCENTIVISING our citizens to make changes, INCENTIVIZES big business to implement changes, and encourage California citizens to way to stay here in our golden state.

Additionally, avoiding "the abrupt requirement to change" which almost always comes with immediate resistance, we need to have a slow, yet steady, implementation and re-introduction to renewable energy. We need to look much deeper into our ability to "carbon capture" as to decrease the environments carbon emissions AS THESE COMPANIES ADAPT... 

Tax incentives (similar to the cash for clunkers) movement) where people can exchange their gas powered vehicles to aide in transitioning into electric vehicles. Again, I cannot emphasize enough that people are IMMEDIATELY resistant and will not comply if they feel forced to do ANYTHING (clearly seen). We need to bring a psychological component to the game and allow people to feel that WE are willing to do whatever it takes to work WITH our citizens to pursue and protect our environment and its carbon emissions. 

Many of the bills are very aggressive and read as forceful. Anytime you see the word "required", people are naturally going to feel like they didn’t have a say and they will find ways to rebel. This, again, is just how we as people function. We need to UNITE, and move forward TOGETHER as one nation seeking COMMON goals. 



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Filosofía política

Leaders lead by example.

We have witnessed the poorest display of leadership in maybe our governments history. We consistently watch "both sides of the aisle" point at one another, often times accusation based, demeaning, and in poor taste, while throwing their hands up and saying “THEY are the reason nothing is getting done."

I want to share a relatable scenario: I am a business owner. If I have two people in my front office pointing fingers at one another saying things aren’t getting done because neither one is willing to work with one another to get things business, you FIRE those people due to the simple fact that they’ve been hired TO DO THEIR JOB. Our government is NO DIFFERENT. Our representatives have been hired to DO A JOB. If they are incapable as grown adults to work together to get the job done, and WORSE, they point the finger at someone else because their job is unable to be done...guess what? It's time to replace them. That’s called REAL LIFE and nothing gets more real than being leadership in America. The fact that this is an "excusable" way of "doing the job" baffles me... and it needs to end NOW so we can GET THINGS DONE.


Documentos sobre determinadas posturas

Our Voice. Our Campaign.


I have decided to pursue this seat as a citizen first. Someone who can stand up and say, I can relate... not because of the color of my skin, how I identify as a gender, or even because of political affiliation. But because I am an American Citizen who has seen our leadership forfeit what it means to LEAD.


My name is Dr. Timothy Ursich Jr and I am running as a candidate for United States Senate, as someone who wants to be VOTED into the seat. I believe we have lost our core values as it pertains to government and representation. Our country has fought way too hard for equality, only to watch our supposed leaders point fingers, call names, spew hate, and display rage at people who aren’t of the same political party of them. In my eyes, this is modern day segregation. We have politicians voting on issues simply because their party submitted it. We have politicians denying/opposing bills simply because someone from "the other party" submitted it. We watch our leaders try and destroy the image of a potential supreme court justice who, last I checked, was really there before the senate in kind of a job interview type setting. 


Could you imagine if you or I treated a potential new hire in an interview like this? How are our leaders coming to US as citizens TELLING US that WE need to stop the hate, while we turn on such things as the supreme court nomination hearings and witness, with our eyes, and listen with our ears, the absolute spewing of hate!  

This is how they perceive leadership? This is what they think leaders do? This is how they think leaders act? Leaders lead by example. The vast majority don’t even represent anymore. They get the microphone to ask questions about a topic, and they go into a frenzy about how great they are, and who they are, and how disgusted they are with "the person on the other side of the aisle".

When do WE, the voters, the constituents, the people who put these people in office step up and say enough is enough? This is NOT how leaders lead. These are not examples that are motivating let alone inspiring to anyone from the next generation to WANT to pursue politics. I fear that the next generation will avoid politics simply out of fear. Fear working in what has clearly been established as, what you and I would recognize it to be, a hostile work environment.

The time is now. We need to step up and let our nation know, without being keyboard warriors, that we will no longer stand aside and say that this behavior from our elected officials is okay... that it is "leadership at its finest.

Our nation needs us now more than ever. The career politicians have become so comfortable that they forget that they represent YOU and that they represent ME. 

This is OUR voice. This is OUR time. This is OUR opportunity to make a statement as citizens and welcome people like me... people FROM the next generation who truly believe that I have nothing to lose and everything to gain in running. I have my career. I am just willing to sacrifice this moment in time to pursue what I believe is my civic duty to pursue civil service when I feel I have something more to give to my country up against those who have mastered their ability to take from it.

I am Dr Tim Ursich Jr, and I am running to be our next voted in United States Senator from California.

Videos (2)

— April 13, 2022 YouTube

I had an urge to speak... so I spoke.

— May 2, 2022 Committee To Elect Dr Timothy Ursich Jr

Declaration of Candidacy Video

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