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Tuesday June 7, 2022 — California Primary Election

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Bradley Zink

Autor de libros infantiles
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Resolver el problema de la falta de vivienda en California
  • Desarrollar las 200 millas de tierras no utilizadas desde San Diego hasta Arizona a lo largo de la frontera
  • Desarrollar programas de generación de ingresos para las escuelas públicas para ayudar al financiamiento



Profesión:Autor de libros infantiles
Autor de libros infantiles, BZ-Ink Publishing (2014–actualment)
Autor de libros infantiles, BZ-Ink Publishing (2014–actualment)
Soporte sénior de tecnología informática (Information Technology, IT), Upper Deck Corporation (2007–2009)
Ingeniero de soporte senior de tecnología informática (Information Technolo, Oficina corporativa de Ebay/Paypal (2005–2007)
Soporte de tecnología informática (Information Technology, IT)/asist. Geren, Oficina corporativa de FedEx Kinko, Dallas, Tx. (2000–2002)


Universidad DeVry, Irving, Tx. Licenciatura en Ciencias, Administración de Telecomunicaciones (2002)

Actividades comunitarias

Youth soccer coach, AYSO San Marcos #148 (2015–current)
Honorary Board Member, Oceanside Moose Lodge (2015–2021)
V.P of Fundraising, Twin Oaks Elementary School Board (2015–2018)


Bradley graduated cum laude with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Telecommunications Management.

He spent 15 years in IT, working for the corporate offices of Fed Ex Kinkos (Dallas, Tx), Ebay and Paypal Corporations (San Jose, Ca.), and Upper Deck Corporation (Carlsbad, Ca.), to name a few. He has handling being an IT Support Engineer, Asset Manager and Executive Support, before becoming San Diego's children's book author.

As an author, Bradley has written 50 books since 2014, donating 100% royalties to San Diego County public schools. He has held free book readings for over 50,000 in Southern California alone, and continues to be active with schools, non-profits and libraries throughout Southern California.

He recently has started his own political podcast show, has been coaching AYSO soccer for over 7 years, as well as continuing his book publishing and fundraising efforts, helping to raise over $500,000 for schools, libraries and non-profits since 2014.

Preguntas y Respuestas

Preguntas de League of Women Voters of California (4)

What policies or proposals would you support to reduce the number of people who are homeless and to prevent people from becoming homeless in California?
Respuesta de Bradley Zink:

The State has a proposed budget of $12 billion to address homelessness. I propose the budget is applied towards purchasing "mini homes" for the 160,000+ homeless, building clutches of "communities", with the Social and Health Services offices assisting them ON-SITE of the communities. As an example, Amozon offers mini-homes for as low as $10,000 ($10k x 160,000 homeless = $1.6 billion) or modular mobile homes cost as little as $30,000 each ($30k x 160,000 = $4.8 billion). Utilizing the 200 miles of undeveloped land along the border, from San Diego to Yuma, Az. enables new cities to be built, along with these new "former homeless" communities, hadling both the Homeless issue and Housing crisis simultaneously. For $2-4 billion, you have now "housed" every homeless, with $8-10 billion still in the budget for infrastructure and land development.

What policies or proposals would you support to encourage and develop sources of electrical power that will reduce the release of carbon into the atmosphere while still being affordable for all residential consumers?
Respuesta de Bradley Zink:

One proposal I have would be to require developers to include solar on all new houses built over a "predetermined" square footage (i.e. solar on all new homes over 2500 square feet). I would bring back tax incentives for residents who install solar on exisitng homes. In developing the "mini home communities" for the current homeless population, solar farm installations can be added, both to produce power as well as jobs for the residents in the communities. 

With the annual Santa Ana winds, we should "harness" the natural power with additional wind farms in key "high wind" areas, to aid in creating additional power. 

Develop a speed rail/light rail system along the border, utilizing turbine power created by train windflow, as well as lining walls along tracks will solar paneling, with aid with creating power, as well as reducing illegal trafficking across the border.

What policies or proposals would you support to help those who have lost homes and jobs to wildfire?
Respuesta de Bradley Zink:

With housing developments continually created in high risk areas, prone to flooding, wildfires, ect. there will ALWAYS be risk of loss. Due to the State's mandates on counties for required "roof" count builds to address housing issues, cities and counties are pressed to use every inch of developable land to meet these imposed requirements, hence building in high risk areas. With 200 miles of undeveloped land alond the border, new cities and developments can be built, handling well over 2-3 million new homes (afforable housing, residential houses, ect.), thus solving the housing crisis and eliminate developments in the high risk areas. 

California has some of the richest people in the country and some of the poorest. What policies or programs do you support to help those in the lower income categories in California?
Respuesta de Bradley Zink:

With the pandemic, and systematic closures of schools and businesses, coupled with high taxes and cost of gas, Californians across the board have been dealt a huge finacial hit, especially those in the low income communities throughout the State. With my development plans along the border, creating new cities, communities and a plethora of job opportunities and growth potential will help in rebuilding the finacial well-being of all Californians. With a State surplus and revenue-generating projects I have proposed, more money can be budgeted to better develop programs focused on finacial aid support for small-business and minority-owned business growth. Provide more funding to public school systems in lower-income school districts, enabling more opportunities for the futures of the children of lower income families. 

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Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

I believe the only way to end issues like homelessness, the housing crisis, climate issues, etc. is to SOLVE problems, as opposed to the political approach to "band aid" temporary fixes, costing taxpayers year after year. With my proposals to these issues, once these problems are solved, their will no longer be a need for the State to budget for them year after year.

Along with reeling in exuberant Government spend on unnecessary or wrongly implemented State projects (i.e. speed rail from San Francisco to Los Angeles), I intend to pursue plans for solving our dwindling water supply as well as the growing threats of devastating wildfires that plague our State.

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