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Tuesday March 3, 2020 — Primary Election
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Alison Hayden

Maestro de educación especial
29,864 votos (17%)Winning
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Fortalecer a las familias y comunidades: asegurar la frontera para comunidades seguras, no a la Propuesta 47; derechos de los padres para obtener una divulgación completa del contenido y los servicios, derecho a tomar parte, apoyo a la disciplina escolar, no al Proyecto de Ley (Senate Bill, SB) 419; proteger a las comunidades locales/urbanización, no al SB 50
  • Detener la explotación de los contribuyentes de la clase media: salvar la Propuesta 13, detener los impuestos, cargos y costos escondidos de las políticas de santuarios insostenibles que impiden a la vivienda limitada, asuntos médicos y escuelas; limitar las regulaciones
  • Empleos: alentar a la industria a establecer empleos primeramente para los estadounidenses



Profesión:Maestro de educación especial
Maestro de educación especial, Contratista (actual)


The London School of Economics Maestría en Ciencias (Master of Science, M.Sc.), Desarrollo de Administración ()
University of California en Berkeley Licenciatura en Artes (Bachelor of Arts, BA), Economía Política de Sociedades Industriales ()
San Francisco State University Credenciales de enseñanza: educación secundaria y especial; certificaciones: autismo, terapia educativa, Educación ()


Alison was born in Sacramento, California and spent her formative years in Taipei, Taiwan.  She was raised in an Air Force family, moving back and forth between Fairfax, VA and the beautiful island.  Her father later retired and joined a US multinational firm to manage its electronics factory in the southern port and Export Processing Zone of KaoHsiung.  She graduated high school from a boarding school in Taichung, Taiwan before returning to the USA for university and then graduated from the University of California-Berkeley with a Bachelors degree, and The London School of Economics with a Masters of Science degree. 


Alison spent eight years in the financial industry, beginning with banking and lending, after having undertaken a management-training program with Bank of America, and continued with Citibank’s International Private Banking Group.  She then joined Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., after a brief project with the Boston Consulting Group, traded in its elite stock and options trading group that served the bank’s top 2% of private investors. 


She then decided to serve in the US Peace Corps in its Business Development Group, as Director/Volunteer of a business incubator in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, its second largest city.  She led the growth of a national alternative Women’s Association and launched projects related to teaching ethics and business.  Separating from service with the Peace Corps, she remained in country and joined a consultant firm, vendor to the World Bank, with work on a project to bring a Varna state enterprise private, under its privatization program in Bulgaria.  Once concluded, she continued on to The London School of Economics’ program in Development Management, earning an M.Sc. 


She returned to the USA and soon found place in the world of education, working with felons to earn a High School GED.  This opened the door to teaching credentials in Secondary and Special Education, as well as certifications to work with students on the Autism spectrum and as an Educational Therapist.  She has had opportunity to work in and with virtually every possible venue and demographic of education in the San Francisco Bay Area, reaping rich reward.  It has been, and is, her joy and profession.  In her free time, Alison volunteers time to work with people recovering from alcohol and drug addiction habits and lifestyles.


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Preguntas y Respuestas

Preguntas de League of Women Voters of California (3)

What financing method(s) would you support to repair or improve roads, rails, ports, airports, the electrical grid, and other infrastructure in the U.S.?
Respuesta de Alison Hayden:

User fees are the traditional and most fair way to pay for infrastructure projects.  For example, gas taxes pay for roads.  An equitable mechanism needs to be created for electric car use. 

What programs or legislation, if any, would you support to help Americans of all ages to secure affordable health care?
Respuesta de Alison Hayden:

Repeal the McCarran–Ferguson Act, (HR1418/S.350), that would open interstate competition of insurance.  This would dramatically cut premiums, increase the amount and quality of healthcare services offered and lower costs. 

The McCarran–Ferguson Act, 15 U.S.C. §§ 1011-1015, is a United States federal law that exempts the business of insurance from most federal regulation, including federal antitrust laws to a limited extent. The McCarran–Ferguson Act was passed by the 79th Congress in 1945 after the Supreme Court ruled in United States.

Describe an immigration policy that you would support if presented to the House of Representatives.
Respuesta de Alison Hayden:

Enforce the existing immigration laws.  Repeal the visa lottery and chain migration laws.  

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Dinero total recaudado: $733

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Alameda County Republican Party

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Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

Alison is running for the CA-15 seat in Congress because she wants to push for legislation that strengthens family and local communities, attracts businesses to bring jobs local; stops the squeeze on taxpayers, and demands media accountability.  An accurately informed electorate is vital to the survival of the Republic.


The original Republican Party fought for individual rights and freedoms, from the freeing and protection of the rights of African Americans, to giving them and women the right to vote and determine their own destiny.  Alison will join alliances in Congress and continue to fight to establish and protect the rights and conditions that allow for the pursuit of happiness for ALL citizens.


She upholds the founding principles to maintain our founding civil liberties, a limited government and regulation, lower taxes and minimal federal intervention in the economy to unleash American creativity and potential.  The opportunities that limited regulation offer is the chief reason people leave their homelands to come and build their dreams in America.  

Government’s role is to ensure the equality of opportunities, not outcomes. 


Secure borders, law and order, legal immigration, lead to strong, close-knit communities that deal with the issues that concern them.  Recent laws and policies threaten our safety and freedoms. 


Americans are a compassionate people.  The sanctuary state/city policy is not sustainable.  Who Pays for it?  The physical and financial burdens on limited housing, MediCal, educational, hospital costs and services delivery, as well as to the environment, cannot long be borne by the citizens.  The asylum process in place is ignored and we must pay for the unvetted numbers flowing into our communities.  Crime has risen.  Already struggling families cannot afford it.  


Sacramento's desire for new development to serve its policies has overshadowed local urban planning projects.  SB-50 will begin the end of single family zoning and we will be ushered into compact high-rises near public transportation. Perhaps this is their solution to our need to alleviate traffic congestion.  The need to build schools and recreational areas is ignored.


Government can support families through the 3-month Paid Family Leave Act extended to all families, as well as indexing the $2,000 Child Tax Credit to inflation and made fully refundable.  But the state takeover of parent rights in school choice, curriculum, content and role in the social services made available at schools must be pushed back.  Families must demand to be in charge of their children’s destiny. 


Sacramento is your Nanny and will decide for you what and when your children will be taught, whether it is developmentally appropriate or not.  This power grab cannot be ignored.  


Schools ability to provide a safe and achievement oriented environment is also challenged by the surreal SB-419 that prohibits them from applying appropriate discipline in cases of students who disturb classrooms and instruction.


Home ownership is now on the line.  The recent push to separate and remove its protection from commercial properties in Prop-13 is only the first bite.  Next will come dual use properties and then the protection entirely removed.  People will again be forced out of their homes to pay the taxes. Single family zoning is also threatened with SB-50.


Small business independent contractors were turned into union employees under AB-5.  It erases the personal quest to be in control of one's own destiny.  


Small and medium sized businesses are also being smothered by numerous regulations that limit growth and exact costs to keep them from surviving, much less competing.  Prop 47's allowance for theft protects criminals and moves us toward anarchy.   


The growth of government is costly and unnecessary.  Each and every new regulation requires more government to monitor and administrate, paid for by our taxes.  The cut of thousands of regulations and rules has unleashed the recent spike in growth that the USA has not seen in decades. 


Sacramento's desire to take control of our healthcare choices is concerning.  Rather than taking immediate action through the support of HR1418/S.350 that allows for interstate competition, and deliver optimal services at low cost, Sacramento is committed to socialized medicine that is no solution for California or the USA.  Competition has always delivered high quality, low cost results, expedient responses in a dynamic process.  Government administered programs lend to graft, political preferences, blindness to true costs and thus much higher costs.  Further, actuarial tables will determine whether your need is cost-effective, and where will you go for a second opinion or to hold providers accountable when something goes wrong? 


Environmental issues can also most efficiently and effectively addressed with private competitive bids for low cost, high quality, dynamic responses.  (Vote Yes to HR763 Energy Innovation).  This will also help provide for the transparency and accountability desperately needed to reign-in out of control government spending.  Creating more government agencies to address them only increases the number of rabbit holes into which our taxes increase and disappear.  


Licensed gun ownership is necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.  An armed population helps to prevent foreign invasion and keeps its own government true to the Constitution.  The recent spate of mass shootings by those with mental illness highlights the need for a targeted programs to identify and treat such individuals in the local community space.  Untold numbers of lives have been saved by those with licensed concealed weapons, who stopped crimes in progress.


The strength of the Republic is in a well informed electorate.  It must be protected if we are to remain a free society.  We must enforce a free objective press made accountable to its licensing, and repeal all measures that are contrary to this vital mission.   


Accountability and transparency in the private and public sectors are critical to consumer and citizen protection.  We have an amazing document, the Constitution of the United States, that puts We The People in control.  

Government SERVES the people, not the other way around. 




Put Family and Community First!    


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