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November 8, 2016 — California General Election
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Special District

County Service Area 37 - Orchard Hospital Joint Powers Authority
Measure M1 Parcel Tax - 2/3 Approval Required

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Election Results


1,177 votes yes (50.45%)

1,156 votes no (49.55%)

100% of precincts reporting (4/4).

2,333 ballots counted.

Shall an existing special property tax to fund standby costs of providing emergency room services at Orchard Hospital, in the amount of $70 per residential equivalent unit per year for an additional ten years (vacant parcels and parcels without residential units shall not be subject to the tax) to raise approximately $330,000.00 per year, as enacted by Butte County Ordinance No. 4116, and a corresponding increase in the County's spending limit, be approved?

What is this proposal?

Measure Details — Official information about this measure

Impartial analysis / Proposal

Butte County Counsel

The Butte County Counsel has prepared the following impartial analysis of Measure M-1 pursuant to Elections Code Section 9160. This analysis is not an argument for or against the measure.


This measure is being submitted to voters within an unincorporated area of the County that has the same boundaries as County Service Area 37 (the "CSA 37 area") as required by Proposition 218, which prohibits new special taxes and/or special tax increases within any area of the County unless and until the new special tax or special tax increase is submitted to the voters within that area and approved by a two-thirds vote.

This measure would extend an existing special tax within the CSA 37 area, as specified in Ordinance 4116, adopted by the Butte County Board of Supervisors on July 26, 2016, for standby costs of providing emergency room services at Orchard Hospital, a critical access hospital. If the measure is approved by two-thirds or more of the votes cast on the measure, the existing special tax, in the amount of $70.00 per Equivalent Residential Unit, will continue to be imposed on real property in the CSA 37 area for an additional ten (10) years. The special tax would expire after ten (10) years, unless renewed. The amount of the special tax for each parcel of residential real property is based upon the number of Equivalent Residential Units.

For the purposes of defining an Equivalent Residential Unit, the following categories have been established:

(1)               Single family residential (1);

(2)               Multi-family residential unit (.75 );

(3)               Condominium (.75 );

(4)               Vacant parcels and parcels without residential units shall not be subject to the tax.

The continued imposition and levy of the special tax is expressly conditioned upon the adoption by the cities of Biggs and Gridley and the approval of their respective electorates, of special tax measures within their respective jurisdictions which also provide funding for the hospital emergency room at the same rates and for the same duration as the proposed special tax.

The special tax would not be imposed upon real property owned by the County, the State of California, or any other public district or agency of the State or the United States of America.

/s Bruce S. Alpert
County Counsel

The special tax could not be increased or extended in the future unless another election were held in the CSA 37 area approving the increase or extension by two-thirds or more of the votes cast.

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

Arguments FOR

Measure M ensures our communities have access to quality and affordable healthcare and emergency medical services at Orchard Hospital – right here in Gridley, Biggs, Richvale and rural Butte County.

Measure M is about saving lives. It takes 33 minutes to drive from Gridley to Enloe Hospital. In a medical emergency, those 33 minutes can be the difference between life and death.

Orchard Hospital’s ER has saved countless lives – including probably someone you know.

We are fortunate to have a hospital with 24-hour physician-staffed emergency room service with nurses and radiology, laboratory, respiratory therapists and cardiology technicians.

Measure M ensures no cuts in access to highly trained doctors and state-of-the-art medical service here at Orchard Hospital.

Measure M will ensure vital healthcare services such as cardiology, ER on Demand, skilled nursing services and family care.

Measure M allows us to continue to provide mammograms, X-Rays, exams, free physicals, vaccinations and labs right here – close to home.

Best of all, Measure M will Not raise your taxes even One Penny.

The hospital loses approximately $800,000 yearly providing emergency services for our community. Measure M helps to offset the costs of maintaining ER staff availability at Orchard Hospital at all times.

Waiver of the assessment for qualifying low-income residents is included.

Measure M requires an independent community oversight committee to be sure that it is used wisely and only for purposes approved by local voters.

Please join community leaders from Gridley, Biggs, Richvale, local farmers and ranchers, senior citizens and small business owners and vote Yes on Measure M. A Yes Vote mean a quality, affordable hospital right here in our backyard.

Because, sometimes, 33 minutes makes all of the difference.

s/James Brown, Enloe Hospital Physician/Chief of Staff, Orchard Hospital
s/Ravie Aujla, Owner, Gridley Farmer’s Insurance Agency
s/Cynthia Soares, Assistant Principal, Sycamore School, Gridley Unified School District
s/Diane DeMeyer Wilkerson, Gridley Resident
s/Mel McLaughlin, Mr. Biggs 

Arguments AGAINST


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