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Tuesday November 5, 2019 — Local Elections
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City of San FranciscoCandidate for Mayor

Photo of Ellen Lee Zhou

Ellen Lee Zhou

Behavioral Health Clinician
24,664 votes (13.9%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Creates programs to release 50,000 plus empty apartments for teachers, workers and families with children. Help tenants to seek affordable housing now. Reward property owners to release the empty apartment to the market to save SF..
  • Declare emergency to save homeless from dying on the streets, too many people died on the San Francisco streets. With $12.3 billion budget a year, no more should eat food from the garbage cans!
  • End the free needles give away program! Illegal means illegal! Government should NOT support 25,000 drug dealers and abusers by giving 5 millions free needles a year to feed illegal drug bad habits! Will rehab people back to healthier life!



Profession:I am a Behavioral Health Clinician. I heal people.
Behavioral Health Clinician, City and County of San Francisco, Public Health Department (2006–current)
Bargaining Team Member, Representing government employees — Elected position (2015–current)
Pedestrian Safety Committee, Represented District 9 — Appointed position (2016–2017)


San Francisco State University Master of Social Work, Title IVE Child Welfare (2003)

Community Activities

Volunteer with many non-profit agencies., Many of the agencies in San Francisco (1992–current)

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Featured Endorsements

  • Wendy Wong, Spokesperson, San Francisco Coalition for Good Neighborhoods

Individuals (4)

  • Silicon Valley Chinese Association
  • Trevor Loudon, Author, “Enemies Within”
  • Joan Leone, President, Republican Women of San Francisco
  • Teresa Duque, Executive Director, San Francisco Community Empowerment Center

Political Beliefs

Position Papers

San Francisco Mayor - I Will Make San Francisco Safe and Clean!


As a new San Francisco mayor, I will work to protect our city. I will work on the five top problems with face today: car break-ins daily, out of control homeless 21,000, out of control drug dealers and abusers 25,000, 50,000 plus empty apartment sitting empty while families have no place to rent! Government abuses, high tax with lack of public safety! 

San Francisco (SF) has been declined in basic services such as education, law enforcement, transportation, public safety, housing, health care, taxation, voter rights, home ownership and so on. It is time for you to vote for a change!


SF has been a lawless city for years. We have no rule of law in SF! SF has about 900,000 residents, with a $12.3 billion-dollar budget a year and almost 32,000 government employees, no one should suffer and die on the streets! Yet, we have 21,000 homeless suffering and dying on the streets! 25,000 drug abusers, users and dealers dominate our streets and the government / taxpayers pay for the free illegal drug needles that support drug dealers! The government gives out five million free needles a year and collects less than half of these free needles back! Car break-ins are non-stop daily. The government lacks solutions to solve crimes that target minority people! Many tenants are abused by failing housing polices with the lack of affordable housing at the same time, we have 50,000 plus apartments unable to be put on the market to help teachers, workers and families.


The rich grows richer and the poor become poorer! The working families are struggling paycheck to paycheck! If you don’t like what you see, vote for me Ellen for Mayor! Together, we will rebuild a government with law and order to protect our wealth and health!


The current administration does not follow the United States Constitution putting your and my health and wealth at risk. We are not protected by our current administration! It is time for you to stand up and say no to an out-of-control mono-party government! We, the people formed this country, state and city! We, the people government, are the solution to winning back San Francisco! I will reform government with ethics and integrity to protect the public!


As you may know, SF has been operated by a small group of elites “pay to play” for too long. For years, SF has been controlled by Super Action Committees (PACs). In 2018, the Ethics Commission Department reported that $4.16 million was paid to matching funds. Why are they using our public money ($4.16 million public money) to run for public office? Who created such law? For the last 45 years, SF has been operated by mono-party! It’s about time to change!


I personally found one thing in common with PACs. The more public matching funds the City provides, the worse the City gets! This is evident in Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco and many other blue cities as well. Who created such a rule for matching funds? You should do your homework if you care about SF.


Come and volunteer and join me to take back SF from the people who paid and bought the city. We must stand up and fight back to rebuild our government with love and hope, created by the people, for the people and run by the people. Vote for me Ellen for Mayor, so that I will re-direct our city with rule of law. I will enforce law and order to protect our city!


If we continued to sit on the side lines, idly watching but not acting to stop the bad seeds in the SF political climate, more problems will come to SF. For 45 years, SF has been operated and controlled by the mono-party. The last non-democrat mayor was 55 years ago!! The last non-democrat Supervisor was 45 years ago which means, for the last 45 years, we, the people have lost our voice and lost our republican form of government in SF. When you elect me into the mayor’s position, I will rebuild the City with a balanced voice from different political parties that balance a people government!


Have you paid attention to California’s election fraud? Ballot harvesting? The list of fraudulent practices including:
• deceased people still able to vote
• non existing people still able to vote
• non-eligible immigrants able to vote
• Same day registration voters.
The list goes on ......

As your new San Francisco Mayor, I, Ellen Lee Zhou will:


Reduce my mayoral salary 50%. I will model by good example for all government employees and public servants. When we have so many homeless dying on the streets, in my opinion, no public employee should make such huge salary. I will develop programs to support a people government: create by the people, run by the people and monitorby the people.


1. Make San Francisco Safe and Clean to protect your wealth and health!
2. Clean city hall and streets, no poop, no needles and no excuses!
3. Audit public checkbook to reduce government wastes!
4. Create housing programs to release 50,000 empty apartments for workers!
5. Heal the homeless and the sick with respect, dignity and give them jobs & hope!
6. Restore San Francisco government with law and order to keep criminals out!
7. Rebuild city hall with integrity and ethics! No one should suffer or die on public streets!
8. Cut unfair taxes to reward hardworking families!
9. Enforce the United States Constitution to protect our freedom!


I, Ellen Lee Zhou, am open for business and public investment opportunities. I welcome your ideas to save San Francisco from the out of control far-left liberals. Vote for me in November 5, 2019. Together, we will make San Francisco Safe and Clean. Thank you. May God bless San Francisco. Suggestions?


Public Servant - Empower San Francisco to take back San Francisco!


San Francisco has been out of controlled for years! The same elites and same families have been dominiated our lives, our qualify of life has been killed! 

Join me as I fight corruption that is rampant in San Francisco. Help me to win the City back again. Vote Ellen for Mayor on November 5, 2019. Together, we will


Restore a Republican Form of Government

What is a republican form of government? A republic form of government is a government created by the people, for the people and governed by the people. If you study the United States Constitution, you will find that San Francisco has been lawless for years with no rule of law for years. Right now, San Francisco government is controlled and paid for by people who corrupt the system, “pay to play” through political action committees (PACs). It is an endless cycle with the same old party tricks to have “pre-arranged” candidates run for office that are corrupted with different organizations operators. Have you paid attention to San Francisco voter’s fraud reports?
• Have you paid attention to the key players in San Francisco?
• Have you paid attention to the 992 non-profit agencies?
• Who are same groups or people keep going to public hearings?
• How much is the government money goes to which non-profit agencies?

Support Free Speech to Protect America

Our first amendment guarantees us, the people in America, freedom to speak our mind. Our founding fathers wrote the Bill of Rights to protect our free speech. But unfortunately, our right to freedom of speech has been taken away over the years. Much of of the conservative people’s information and voice has been censored, removing their freedom to speech to participate in society or in the government. Our nation, and more specifically, San Francisco has been under attack by the mono-party (Democrats) for 45 years. We, the people have no voice. Our rights to life such as happiness or healthy lifestyle have been taking away for years. The rule of law is gone in San Francisco. If we do not stand up now in 2019, we, will suffer more and more consequences such as…
• rampant crime on our streets
• car break-ins and theft throughout San Francisco on a daily basis
• drug dealers dominate our city streets
• career politicians with “good” intent from the outside, but with their evil hidden agenda that is destroying San Francisco!

Support Property Rights to Help Residents

San Francisco has the strictest rent control that benefits attorneys and tenants who are in there to work with free legal services. The tenant-landlord agreement is totally useless in San Francisco. Over the years as a Family Social Worker, I have helped many tenants and landlords to work out the problems created and manipulated by the San Francisco public policy makers. The housing policies were not intended to solve housing problems. The current housing policies were never fair nor just to protect good tenants or landlord. The intent was there to corrupt the system by following through the holes, corrupt insurance companies and legal representatives. We, the people are forced to pay higher housing insurance while having fewer and fewer places to rent. The people who suffer most from rent control are the good tenants and landlord.
• There are over 50,000 empty apartments that they refuse to put out in the rental market. Why?
• Many of the property owners have been sued and lost their livelihood of investing.
• Good workers and families have no place to rent? Why?
• What have they done to protect the good law-abiding tenants and landlords?
• Ask the Board of Supervisor and current Mayor London Breed! Cut Unfair Taxes to Reward Hardworking Families Tell me your ideas, in what ways do you want to see in San Francisco? Support the United States Constitution When we follow the U.S. Constitution, when we put back rule of law, many of the social problems with be managed! Vote for Ellen Lee Zhou for mayor on November 5, 2019, together, we will make San Francisco safe and clean!


Videos (4)

Provided solutions to reform San Francisc with rule of law! Rebuild a government with integrity and justice for all! 

Talk about problems we face today! 

San Francisco resident lost our rights due to mono-party rules! We are facing a tyranny government! Our constitutional rights have been violated! We don't feel we are living in America in San Francisco! 

Save the homeless from career politicans! Homes for homeless! Jobs for homeless! Drug free for homeless! 

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