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Tuesday September 14, 2021 — Special Election
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Photo of David Hillberg

David Hillberg

Aircraft Mechanic/Actor
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Constitutional and lawful governance ( Nancy said "no one is above the law" I'd like to have that be so, no matter how namy crooked politicins I fire or imprison) = true vote accountability
  • remove the burden of the citizens from over taxation, governoment induced employment stagnation, and their micromanaging policies which hammper everyonein the state
  • Sanctuary state and city policies that violate law will be rmoved and those who pushed for it in government arrested for aiding and abetting illegal aliens



Profession:(Aircfraft Mechanic / Actor )
Soldier aviation mechanic, US Army to Hiser to LASD to Border Patrol Gulfsream Aero Space various others (1977–2021)


got to be a mental one to take this on I am certificed as a fire fighter aviation inspector and mechanic and I am a NOUI certified scuba diver, fire technology and aviation technology I also built race cars for my father and brothers (1998)

Community Activities

flying diving making things and fixing stuff and my kitten ABBY (Abnormal), SAG Conservancy at AFI a few years back (2000–2009)


1977 CCROP Fire Technology ( firefighting aircraft crash rescue ) station 9  Santa Ana ,US Military 67V Scout Helicopter repairer last to earn aircraft crew member badge by merit ,NCOA-PLC

Graduate,   Commendation for submission of a maintenance manual short coming.

OCC Aviation technology Deans list FAA certification for Airframe & Powerplant mechanic 1984 FAA Inspection authorization issued pilot certifications folloed , many factory schools state wide 

prior LASD Aero Bureau (Sheriff's Commendation for service during the riots) and Border patrol Aviation unit Imperial Valley), County and Federal civil service .

NTSB contract investigtor . places traveled on request  Taiwan Japan El Salvador Argentina .First looser of the final SAG presidential election  2009 as well as AFTRA,I went to Australia to shoot

a Documentary 2019


Questions & Answers

Questions from League of Women Voters of California Education Fund (3)

How would you address California’s need for affordable housing for low- and moderate-income earners? Please include specific proposals.
Answer from David Hillberg:

why? the last 40 years made the homeless problem it is today right after a politician said "We'll make California the best welfare State in the country" with the ACLU's help  it went all to hell.. 1 you lock up the criminal element  ( released under realighment)2 you weed out the mentally ill ( dumped then the hospitals were closed and the clinics were never made)  3 you return to rehab those who are drug adicted ( another current brainless policy ) as for the permit process ? a lot of it needs to be removed or modernized , and the fees droped to realistic amounts,

And If you can't aford your home what type of planning did you do for your future ???  

How would you address the issue of California’s residents who are unhoused? Please include specific proposals.
Answer from David Hillberg:

where did they comefrom? send them back , and see question 1 . and what are their skills and sercomstances??  are they just HOBOs  or people with real problems

What programs or legislation would you support to meet the water needs of all Californians?  Please include specific proposals.
Answer from David Hillberg:

those proposals have been sitting on a desk somewhere in Sacramento, for whaterver reason . Dams . distribution system . ground water recharge systems desalinization plants,  industrial and residential reclemation and better management that takes into account the environental climate swings and a five year plan..

this doesn't take away the dumping of water from our water storage facilities due to failed ecological policies adopted from the activists by governance 

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Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

No matter which party , the best for the nation and the citizens must come first otherwise you violate your oath of office , Pandering towards this or that group is just creating  more of the problems we face today,They are unitended consequences from policies that go outside the scop and function of governance . every problem from Homelessness to Covid 19 are all linked in a horrid chain of one party prepetration with the other parties just doing nothing as for Governor or President? THEY ARE NOT TO ADMINISTER OR GOVERN THE PEOPLE , THEY ARE TO ADMINISTER TO THE GOVERNMENT AND KEEP THE DEBAUCHERY LOVING DSPOT TYRANTS IN CHECK  the President or Governor are not to be big baddy "free stuff" in your pocket. This Nation is to provide equal opportunity not equal outcome .

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