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Tuesday June 7, 2022 — California Primary Election
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Photo of Pamela Elizondo

Pamela Elizondo

Marijuana Plastic Entrepreneur
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • to convince leaders + rich folks they breathe the same foul air we do + it's their job to stop global warming + the need for wara
  • Taxpayer's money should be used only for employing people researching + restoring Earth + inhabitants no war, space research, charity to other countries, unneeded building
  • Rich folks should return the money inappropriately obtained destroying Earth + inhabitants with tax deductions gained only for employment not imprisonment stopping global warming + the need for war



Profession:marijuana plastic entrepenuer
welfare mother, self employed (1978–1997)
psychiatric technician, DeWitt Stockton Sonoma state hospitals (1962–1978)


Sonoma State University Mendocino communiy College batchlors, Sociopolitical psychology how our government conditions us to behave (1990)
DeWitt, Stockton, Sonoma State Hospital almost batchlors, sociopolitical psychology how our government conditions us to behave (1978)

Community Activities

campaign for office state assembly 3times, state senate twice, Peace + freedom, Green parties (1986–2014)
campaign for office 5 times house of representatives, green party (2000–2010)

Questions & Answers

Questions from League of Women Voters of California (4)

The Federal Government plays a part in California water allocation and use through a variety of projects and laws.  What, if any, new programs or projects or reforms to existing programs and projects would you support in an effort to handle water shortages caused by the current and any future drought?
Answer from Pamela Elizondo:

I surely would not agree with a leader who passes laws to sell our dams to the rich so we can finance with our taxes the eradication of our dams that send water to Marin Santa Rosa, ETC How are the land + water wsting vineries going to water, how are we even going to flush our toilets. we should plant marijuana everywhere,especially water + land wasting vineries with all other foliage, food, trees clean air food  employment, sustainable yield business  food + water to help a world saying theres worldwide drought + famine.

Should immigration laws be changed?  What changes would you support?  Please explain why.
Answer from Pamela Elizondo:

I believe we should divert mismanaged taxpayer's   money to employing everyone restoring Earth + Inhabitants, growing marijunana + all other forms of foliage  every where for clean air, food water instead of on war, space research, charity to other countries, unneeded building. We need everyone we can get to restore Earth bring our poison from other countries out, let them restore their land, pay our taxes to educate everyone who wants  instead of murdering land + people or oil,

As Senator what, if any, policies or legislation would you support to preserve democracy for all US residents?
Answer from Pamela Elizondo:

First we need to create democracy. We have no freedom in the USA with a constitution among the best. We can't drive without permission, an  expensive vehicle regestration,we can't work without paying up to 33% to IRS, more to social scurity, taxes to support wages to representives that do nothing for us fill our jails + prisons with drug of choice prisoners. Democracy can be created by more equable distribution of money, less laws to charge for the rulers living , more for the populace.

What legislation, if any, would you support to reduce American greenhouse gas production?  Please explain the reasons for your position.
Answer from Pamela Elizondo:

Grow marijuana everywhere, particularly land + water wasting grape wineries symbiotically  with other fruit trees, vegetables to share + create water, produce non-toxic plastic for REPAIRING teeth with longer healthier tooth repair, everything now produced with toxic plastic, dwindling trees, including an entire house with incinerator toilet,  to feed a world who declare woldwide famine. 

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Political Beliefs

Position Papers

Misappropriation of taxpayer's money is causing human + Earthly suffering that is criminal + should be corrected


How rich misappropriate money from us how to heal Earth returning the money to us.

yOur leders + rich use our taxdollars on war, space research, charity to other countries unneeded builing that should be diverted to creating jobs not jails, prosperity not prisons growing marijuana everywhere, particularly land + water wasting wine vineyards, along with fruit trees +vegetables all to be processed into non-toxic platic  goods, ethnol, paper, wood products, an entire home with incinerator toilet that uses no sewer hole or water + could be moved + sold worldwide  parents for baby trees + reforestation of burned out mountains, create clean, air, food water, sustainable yield economy, environmental healing,,  unemployment global warming + the need for war. The people who control us in thIS predatory capitalist concentration camp need to be taught they breathe the same foul air we do every day the  Earth turns. Even the constitution doesn't give them the right to imprison one for DRUG OF CHOICE, + many other crimes that they imbibe in wholesale like murdering other people + land  in other countries or pushing drugs for profit. Who should have the right to charge up to 6 dollars a gallonfor gasoline  while huge corporations let oil inundate our lands with wasted oil, allow DmVs + toll collectors, insurance companies to collect money for already paid for items like the Golden Gate bridge thay just took 16 billion dollars of our money rebuilding a bridge we already paid for that was great the way it was + paying a European company to landscape for 30 years. They need to learn the can make MUCH more money restoring our Earth instead of destroying it, happy well paid people produce much less population, our water is disappearing.Tolls have up tp 350 000 cars at $860 a car cross the golden gate bridge daily ($441,000,000 daily, money better spent employing people restoring Earth.

A few organizations have been created to make money off the populace to be used for taxpayer's NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS


The huge  Amount of money garnered from IRS, DMV, Social security, TOLLS WOULD BE BETTER SPENT ON RESTORING eARTH + inhabitants, STOPPING GLOBAL WARMING + THE NEED FOR WAR.

People pay 33% their wages to have a job, hundreds of dollars car, motor vehicle, boat, truck, motorcycle registrations that are unconstitutionally charged, $8.60 toll for the Golden Gate Bridge thats already been paid for with our tax dollars + they've charged us more taxes $16, billion  to rebuild the entrance that shouldn't have been redone, (up to 350,000 cars daily at $860 equal $449,000,000.  IRS garners billions of dollars yearly spent on much I disapprove of, War, Space research, charity to other countries, unnneeded building, DMV garner up to $140,000,000 yearly just for registered cars, imagine trucks, motocycles, boats, motor vehicles, driver's licenses, ID's, mountains of unidentified money going to a few unidentified people paying no taxes , then throwing  us in jail + prison costing all of us inordinate amounts of money to fund jails, prisons judges sherifs ETC. if we don't pay. I believe we need to change some laws to better embrace the CONSTITUTION, CHARGE ONE CENT STATE, FEDERAL, county every dollar tansaction rather then current form of collection for an increased tax base. Spend all tax money on restoring our Earth, employment not imprisonment, give rich + big land owner's + busness tax deductiond + exemptions only for percentage of money spent employing people re storing our Earth

How to encourage the leaders + our rich to make money from mismanaged taxpayer's money diverted to saving Earth


Billions of dollars are garnered by unconstitutional methods where the money is mismanaged + much Earth healing could happen if that money was handled proprely

  • F Pacific Gas + electric burned down many mountains + trees the last couple of years, they've been pretty much pardoned from responsibility, Our state government sent up to 150 tree companies to cut down our remaining trees to stop PG+E burning down California instead of spending that money planting trees + creating houses for those they burned out. 2008 we had a fire that burned over one million acres of Trinity County mountains in one of the fire areas. The top of the mountains above Redding look like the movie MAD MAX, all the way down the Sacramento valley. PG+E could use the National Mitigation Bank, + our states mismsnaged wasted money fines + reparations not charged to PG+E to start growing trees + marijuana as parents for baby trees with little tent cities of homeless, jobless, non-criminal prison prisoners to restor the Earth just there as a beginning. The mismanaged money from DmV, tolls, IRS, ,  even funding from Social Security, was used to restore Earth + Inhabitants could actually help restore our eARTH, putting our growers into collapsible homes with incinerator toilets to sell worldwide grown in our vineries with marijuana, fruit + nut treea, vegetables to share wasted land, water, employment energy during this year, GOOGLE + ELECT PAMELA ELIZONDO US SENATE view my video. Unmentioned is the bill passed in the house of Reps to sell our northern California dams during a severe drought to the rich who want us to encourage taxpayer's to pay up to $118000000 to tear down our Scott's dam at lake Pillsbury, a major supplyer of water to California. the sme politician is calling for closing down land to grow cattle in a world wide world declared famine.

Videos (1)

Stop Global War + the Need For War — May 9, 2022 PAMELA ELIZONDO GOOGLE + ELECT TO US SENATE

The only politician that offers 5 simple changes to stop global warming + the need for war

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