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Tuesday November 8, 2016 — Elección General de California

Stanislaus County
Measure L - 2/3 Approval Required

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Resultados electorales

Se aprueba

121,527 votos si (71.95%)

47,372 votos no (28.05%)

100% de distritos activos (372/372).

To provide funding for local transportation improvements including: fixing potholes/maintaining streets; improving emergency response; providing safe routes to schools; providing senior, veterans and disabled shuttle services; and improving safety/reducing traffic congestion on Highway 99/major streets; shall the Stanislaus County Transportation Authority enact a ½ cent sales tax, generating $38,000,000 annually for transportation projects, funds that cannot be taken by the State, requiring all money to be spent in Stanislaus County with citizens' oversight for 25 years?

¿Qué es esta propuesta?

Pros y Contras — Explicación objetiva con argumentos a favor y en contra

Fuente: County of Stanislaus Voter Pamphlet

La pregunta

Measure L would impose an additional one-half of one percent sales tax in Stanislaus County for a period of 25 years to be used for local transportation projects.

La situación

State and federal transportation funding has dropped significantly in recent years.  Revenus needed to operate, maintain and improve our local transportation system have not kept up with the needs of our community.  

La propuesta

 The Stanislaus County Expenditure Plan would be allocated as follows: 50% local streets and roads, 10% local traffic management, 5% bike and pedestrian transportation needs, 28% regional projects and 7% other transportation programs and services. The measure specifies that the money can be used only for local transportation projects as outlined in the Expenditure Plan.  It requires an annual report and creates an Oversight Committee to review and monitor the use of the tax revenue to ensure it is spent in accordance with the Expenditure Plan.

Efectos fiscales

Over the course of the 25 year plan, it is estimated that $960 million dollars will be generated for local transportation investments. Approval of this measure would make Stanislaus County a Self-Help County, which puts the county in a better position to obtain state and federal transportation funds.

Sus partidarios dicen

Measure L is a detailed transportation plan to repair our roads, reduce traffic congestion and improve safety on local roads and highways.

Measure L will create good jobs and grow our local economy with economic and infrastructure investment.

Measure L includes strong accountability.

All the money raised stays in Stanislaus County.

Every city in Stanislaus County voted to support Measure L.

Sus oponentes dicen

We will pay higher taxes for 25 years with no recourse.

The tax will hurt seniors, reducing their buying power.

Local government receives hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, they should not need more.

Measure L will promote new development and increase congestion.  Developers, not taxpayers, should subsidize new development.

An "independent" citizen's oversight committee could be packed with developers and their associates.

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