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Tuesday March 3, 2020 — Primary Election
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Kim Ruff

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2,330 votos (8.2%)
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Kimberly Ruff is a political activist seeking the nomination of the Libertarian Party to be the Libertarian Candidate for President in 2020. Kim has been a member of the Libertarian Party since 2005. She joined the party because of the GOP’s shift to neo-conservatism. After graduating from Arizona State University with dual baccalaureates in political science and communication, Kim became politically active. Initially she volunteered – first with the Arizona Libertarian Party and later the Libertarian Party of New York. She later shifted her focus to national politics as an officer and State Coordinator for the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus.

Professionally, Kim has spent the past decade working in manufacturing. As a Project Manager and Operations Director she has seen the constraints applied by government regulations and economic policies. She has witnessed the negative impact on innovation and industry. This experience, coupled with her time as a military spouse has prepared her for the oval office. Kim has a long-standing interest in international relations, foreign affairs, diplomacy, and military history, therefore her decision to run for the highest-level office in America is a natural fit.

Most importantly, Kim recognizes the clearly-defined constraints of the Executive Branch and the inherent humanity of Liberty. She is running on a platform of reducing the scope of the Federal Government to its Constitutionally-defined role and returning all other powers back to the States. Subsequently, the states can return them to the individual where the power rightly belongs.

For years, the Libertarian Party delegates have cried out for the “Perfect Candidate” to lead us. They look outside the party for someone who is professional, polished, poised; a known entity with a sizable war chest who boasts political experience. I believe we should be looking from within, grooming our own to take the lead and be our standard bearer.

Even when we find a candidate who fits the bill, they perform miserably. Sweeping promises are made about all the beautiful things they are going to do for our beleaguered volunteers. Speeches are given about all the money, votes and support they will bring. However, even in Gimme Years like 2016 – where the Olde Party candidates were so utterly despicable 46% eligible voters couldn’t even be bothered to put pants on and find their way to a booth to vote defensively – the candidate comes up short. Down ballot candidates get snubbed; volunteers, burnt out. Our meager treasuries are exhausted. And worst of all, our principles sacrificed.

For three Presidential Cycles, I have been on the sidelines. I’ve been on the ground waving signs and collecting signatures. Like many of you, I’ve been waiting for the ‘Great Libertarian Hope’ to lead us to the promised land. I’ve watched little by little as the core values of our beautiful philosophy and ideologies get destroyed for meaningless, marginal gain.

I am fed up, but rather than living in willful ignorance while the State grows around me, threatening to extinguish the very things that make free people so wonderful, I decided to step up. If you want someone to lead? I will. Do you need someone to stand up and fight back? I will. Want someone to tell the truth, rip the blinders off and show them the way out of this cave? I will.

This is the attitude all of us should have. Within each of us is the capacity to lead, to speak, to stand up, to fight back. It is time we listen to our own words, stop begging others to take charge, and do it ourselves.

That is why I am running to be the Libertarian Candidate for President.

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Dinero total recaudado: $23,408

Principales contribuyentes que dieron dinero para apoyar al candidato, por organización:

Kim Ruff
Employees of Kaiser Permanente
Employees of Massage By Scarlet
Employees of Westlake Ace Hardware Corp.
Employees of Meadors, Erin

Más información acerca de contribuciones

Por estado:

Arizona 29.58%
Washington 16.74%
Massachusetts 15.47%
Wisconsin 15.21%
Other 22.99%

Por tamaño:

Contribuciones grandes (81.86%)
Contribuciones pequeñas (18.14%)

Por tipo:

De organizaciones (0.00%)
De individuos (100.00%)
Fuente: Análisis de datos de la Comisión Federal Electoral de MapLight.

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