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Tuesday September 14, 2021 — Special Election

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Photo de Robert C. Newman II

Robert C. Newman II

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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • mantener la integridad de los distintos poderes del estado (legislativo, ejecutivo y judicial) sin superposiciones
  • CA abierta: iglesias, escuelas, negocios; sacar al gobierno del camino de la economía
  • agua: reparar la presa de Oroville construir embalses fuera del cauce más agua para la agricultura

Preguntas y Respuestas

Preguntas de League of Women Voters of California Education Fund (3)

How would you address California’s need for affordable housing for low- and moderate-income earners? Please include specific proposals.
Respuesta de Robert C. Newman II:

People live where the jobs are, and commute as needed or desired.  The owner of a house may sell the house at the highest price possible; the buyer of the house must agree to the sale price to make the purchase.  We must all live within our means.  The same principle applies to landlords and tenants.  Government must not mess with the market place.  It is not the taxpayer's place to solve the "low- and moderate- income earner's housing issue.

How would you address the issue of California’s residents who are unhoused? Please include specific proposals.
Respuesta de Robert C. Newman II:

Wow! Another euphemism for homeless.  But why?  My wife and I own a farm.  We have, upon pastor referrals, housed and rehabilitated/trained homeless individuals.  They paid no rent.  We taught job skills and employment interview skills to help them get a job.  We have about a 75%  success rate.  Those who refused to benefit from the opportunity were removed from the property and told to never return.  As a psychologist, I detect 3 categories of the homeless:  The mentally ill/drug involved, the homeless by choice, and those who are circumstantially without a residence, i.e., fallen on hard times.  We must have a State Hospital system for the mentally ill/drug user; the homeless by choice must be required to abide by the laws concerning their habitats; the fallen on hard times cases should be helped by their family until resources are exhausted, next is a referred to the church (not a taxpayer organization), next comes the non-profit, charitable groups.  Taxpayer would accept helping the mentally ill housed and cared for in a safe State Hospital setting.  (I have consulted with the staff in State Hospitals.)  I do not support using taxpayer funds to house those who choose to be homeless.

What programs or legislation would you support to meet the water needs of all Californians?  Please include specific proposals.
Respuesta de Robert C. Newman II:

Growing up on a small farm which was supplied by our water well, I understand the water issues.  I have been very active with a State water agency.  I was on Schwarzenegger's Blue Ribbon Committee to study the Delta.  I have studied water issues all over California.  The solution:  Save the Oroville Dam and complete the original Department of Water Resources (DWR) plan by the construction of off-stream reservoirs to capture snow melt and flood waters. The Lieutenant Governor is, however, responsible issues of land and water. Oroville Dam water is available for electric power generation, water use for agriculture, industry, and residential; the Oroville Dam must be repaired.  The Shasta Dam is specifically for agricultural usage.  The height of the Shasta Dam wall must not be raised. 

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