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Tuesday June 7, 2022 — California Primary Election

Estado de CaliforniaCandidato para Secretario de Estado

Photo de Matthew D. Cinquanta

Matthew D. Cinquanta

Investigador privado
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Restablecer la confianza de la gente en nuestras elecciones al eliminar y sustituir todos los mecanismos y programas de votación electrónicos por la votación en persona y las boletas electorales en papel el día de las elecciones.
  • Honrar el juramento del cargo y representar verdaderamente al pueblo, al mantener y defender las Constituciones de California y de Estados Unidos.
  • Garantizar un futuro de libertad y prosperidad para el pueblo al identificar y corregir cualquier ilegalidad en las elecciones pasadas y futuras y al implementar protecciones para prevenir que tales escenarios se repitan.



Profesión:Investigador privado
Investigador privado, Vigilancia e Investigación de California (2006–actual)
Investigador privado, Professional Investigators, Inc. (1991–actual)


Colorado State University Administración de Empresas (1990)
Western State College Medicina deportiva; quinesiología (1989)
Universidad del Norte de Colorado Administración de Empresas (1988)

Actividades comunitarias

Founder, The Frank H. Cinquanta Cancer Answer Research Institute (2018–current)
Actor, Screen Actors Guild (2002–2016)

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Renewing Election Integrity; Corporate Transparency & Accountability


A brief look at how the integrity of California's elections and voting system will be renewed, and how the implementation of strict corporate accountability and transparency will allow Californians to see how large corporations and California do business.

Honoring the Oath of Office will be the backbone of my service to the people as I serve as their voice, represent their best interest, and protect and defend our California and United States Constitutions.  

The top issue I am tackling as a candidate for Secretary of State is California’s urgent need to replace its fraud-prone voting system with one of unwavering integrity, accuracy, transparency, and accountability. An unyielding and unwavering course of action will also be taken to bring the 2020 Presidential Election into full transparency and disclosure and its illegitimacy proven and declared. This will correct the past that is preventing us from the promise of a free and prosperous future and will guarantee this crime against the people will never be repeated.

My stance on this issue is that California’s vote-by-mail system, electronic voting machines and ballot harvesting practices are prone to and invite fraud and therefore must be eradicated indefinitely and replaced with in-person voting on paper ballots on Election Day, supported by free state-issued identification for all Californians and a purging and rebuilding of our state’s voter rolls. Election Day will be a holiday. 

I want to protect everyone’s vote.  I want to make these changes for everyone, not focus on a certain race, religion, or political party as so many candidates and 'politicians' do. I believe the Latino and black communities are often underrepresented by candidates and it's hard to understand why since they make up such a large and important part of our California communities. Only an all-inclusive approach and a real awareness of what benefits all will solve the problem.  

And what about our businesses in California?  I mean the corporations, not our ‘Mom-and-Pop’ small businesses that make up the soul of California’s commerce.  'Special interest Politics’ is too often playing a role in campaigns and the agendas of office holders who only benefit certain groups, political parties, unions, or specific regions of our state, while small businesses and other communities suffer. That’s where Corporate Transparency comes into play. Corporate transparency and accountability, a transparency that enables all Californians to see clearly how California and Corporations do business. Imagine Californians finally seeing how corporations are doing or intend to do business in their communities and have a voice to support or oppose those corporations and their connected politicians. A little reminder that the power belongs to the people, not the politicians. For the record, I have never been a politician, and I never will be.  

Campaigning for the support of voters by speaking to the vulnerabilities and fraud that exist within our state’s election system is a difficult task when we face having to use the same voting ‘system’ in the coming election. The fact is, the people deserve to hear the Truth, no matter what ‘version’ of it they are repeatedly told to believe by the media. The people deserve to hear all sides of the matter and be allowed to discern and DECIDE for THEMSELVES. Californians also deserve to know what options they have when it’s time to cast their vote and how to best proceed so their experience can be a fun and patriotic one rather than one of worry and confusion. The simple answer is voters should show up to the polling location if they are physically able to do so. They should exchange their voided mail-in ballot for a paper ballot, cast their vote in person and leave there knowing they did their part. Voting is a special right and should always be a fulfilling and patriotic experience.  

The changes I will make will promote faith in our democracy, community, and progress and will call to enfranchise all Californians, not disenfranchise them. More of the same from The Establishment will get us nowhere.  

So, as we enter what is hopefully a promising future of freedom and prosperity in California, our biggest win, regardless of party, race, or religion, is visiting the polls on Election Day, casting our vote, and having that vote be counted as cast.  That is my goal. 

The right to vote is the most important right we have as Americans and serves as a measure and indicator that our country is inhabited by a free people. Our vote represents our freedom, it is our voice, our right to be heard and have a say. No one is protecting that right for us, so I will.

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