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June 7, 2016 — California Primary Election
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United States

U.S. House of RepresentativesCandidate for District 29

Photo of Benny "Benito" Bernal

Benny "Benito" Bernal

Community Advocate
10,006 votes (10.5%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • National Security If one seeks to represent the people of the United States, then our first duty is to their safety. Yes, there are many important issues to address but your safety and the safety of your family & Country comes first.
  • Welfare Reform, Safety net, not a way of life, destroying the family structure and condemning generations into a dependent mode.
  • Protecting Religious Freedom, Uphold the Amendments of the US Constitution including the Freedom of Religion as outlined in the First Amendment.

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Total money raised: $15,452

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Employees of Berna, Roy
Employees of State Assembly
Employees of Los Angeles County, California
Employees of International Brotherhood of Teamsters
Employees of State of California

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California 100.00%

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Large contributions (58.80%)
Small contributions (41.20%)

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From organizations (11.12%)
From individuals (88.88%)
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Political Beliefs

Position Papers

My Platform

National Security / Foreign Policy
Opportunities for Middle Class Families
Expand Veterans Services
Welfare Reform Safety Net & Opportunity
Expanding Opportunities for Seniors 
Student Loan Optional Repayment Opportunities
Fair & Balanced Immigration Reform
Protect & Support 2nd Amendment
Parental & Religious Freedom
Expanding Proven Youth Intervention Programs
Life Changing Homeless Solutions



National Security

If one seeks to represent the people of the United States, then our first duty is to their safety. Yes, there are many important issues to address and resolve but your safety and the safety of your family, friends and fellow Americans will be my first priority.

 In light of recent Terrorist Attacks, and the threats towards the United States from the same Terrorist, National Security must be a major campaign issue.



“Our Immigration System is Broken”
I put that statement in quotations as we hear it repeated over and over again. We hear it from Republicans, Democrats, Big Business, Media and every other group or individual with an agenda they are attempting to promote.

So, my question is which part is broken?  How did five million, two hundred ninety-seven thousand two hundred sixty-eight Immigrants become Citizens of the United States if the system is broken? So let’s identify which parts are broken and resolve them.

Now here is my next question. Does the loss of innocent lives matter?

How many innocent young children and woman are abducted and then sold into sex trade/human trafficking? Why does this continue to happen?

Could it be because the percentages of crossing the borders illegally are high? No one wants to talk about this issue, but I will.

I believe, if we secure the borders, it would reduce the percentages of illegal crossings.  Do you believe this would or would not reduce human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of innocent women and children? How many innocent lives could we save?

In order to resolve this issue, we must first identify the many different components in dealing with this issue and address them individually.

As it has been stated at least 40% of those in the country illegally came into the County in a Legal Manner. They, through neglect or error allowed their documents to expire. Not only must we determine which were only due to clerical error or failure of the System or due to criminal intent.

A tracking and accountability system must be a part of the process to enter via temporary status.

Identify and expand components of the current Naturalization  Process which has proven to be working best and maximize those programs.

Should those convicted of a serious crime be removed to their country of origin upon release from a US Correctional Faculty? Lets Identify a point of agreement that will allow us to move forward and address the issue.

No programs can be adopted in which a blanket Amnesty is granted which places hard working Undocumented Immigrants and those convicted of serious crimes in the same category.

Border Security is now more than ever not only an Immigration Problem but one of National Security.

We must not allow those with a Personal Agenda to hinder or jeopardize the security of the United States.

Protection of Rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

Uphold the Amendments of the US Constitution including the Freedom of Religion as outlined in the First Amendment. Protection of Individuals expressing their faith in matters public and private.


Amend any and all laws or policies enacted which violate the Constitution of the United States.

Veterans Rights and Services


Follow through with current investigations and hold responsible those who have failed to see services provided.

Increase Budget for Post Combat, Mental and Physical care.

Begin transition programs to insure employment with all contractors providing services and products to the United States Armed Service at home and abroad.

Increase budget, resources and personal to expatiate processing of Veterans to receive post service benefits.

Establish a process so Military Service Personal receive digital voting resources as to insure their Vote is received and processed in a timely manner as to protect their right to Vote.


 Parental Responsibility and Rights

Insure a strong family structure by supporting rights of parents.

Right of a parent to be informed of a pending abortion involving a minor.

Right of a parent and individual to seek and receive resources adequate enough to cover all medical, emotional and any other related expenses from the individual who performs an abortion on a minor without the knowledge of the parent.

Right of a parent to opt out of a Mandatory Vaccine Program to enter Public School if the drug company does not accept liability for adverse reactions to the drug.


Welfare Reform -Safety Net & Opportunity

Safety net, not a way of life, destroying the family structure and condemning generations into a dependent mode.  Process to determine Need and Ability; knowing full well there are those who must be provided with assistance. We need real reform, and a system which prepares, trains and enables individuals to climb out of the pit the current policies which keep them dependent.

Limited time on the program not to exceed 4-5 years.

Education needed to prepare for the work force whether basic or advance will be mandatory for the first two years.

After two years of education, you are placed with an employer for on the job training and apprenticeship.

Current programs in which potential employers are given tax incentives to participate in the Job Training Program will be expanded.

Childcare provided no cost during the entire transition process.

The Childcare expense will be budgeted into the cost of the Federal Welfare to Work Transition Program

Public Transportation provided during the duration of the program at no cost. Vouchers provided for unlimited use within the area prescribed, home, school work etc.

Transportation cost budgeted into the Federal Welfare to Work Transition Program.

Drug Testing mandatory for all participants in the process and to receive benefits.

EBT Card with photo ID and Thumb print.

A comprehensive assessment by the Administrating Agency at year three to insure progress towards successful transition from Public Assistance Programs.

Follow up at end of first year to insure sustainability and address any chronic challenges. More extensive support if deemed necessary under stringent criteria.

 Education & Jobs

Education is not only a Right but it is an Opportunity.

The demand for a trained workforce is currently a major component in the Immigration debate. There is a lack of qualified career minded individuals to fill the good middle to upper class jobs. Instead of pushing to just increase the number of those who can enter the US to fill those positions, let’s fill them from within.

Working with Adult and Trade Education Programs as well as the Industries which are calling for those imported workers we must develop courses which specifically target hose industry demands.There is an Education Model within the LAUSD which has a proven track record of success in filling those high paying careers. Duplicate, expand, staff and fund this current program and fill those career positions.

Identify the fields in which the demand is present and expedite the creation of a Career Destination Program.

Strongly oppose proposals such as the Trans Pacific Partnership which violates the separation of powers and place too much power in the hands of one individual. The amount of jobs said to be created will be far less than the jobs lost.

Student Loans

The current system while well intentioned has burdened our future generation with trillions of dollars of debt. It continues to burden the young and their middle class families with unfair and unjust restrictions to opportunities and resources.

First freeze or eliminate all interest. Provide a program where those wishing to reduce student loan debt can volunteer in programs which benefit the public at large and deduct from the amount of debt at a fair rate.


Individual Issues

2nd Amendment/Personal Safety

Protect and Promote legal and safe firearm ownership. Support Concealed Carry policy as outlined by law. Process to be monitored to prevent abuse based on political favoritism or abuse of permit holders. Periodic policy review.

High Speed Rail

While the High Speed rail proposed by the Governor will be a boost to special interests, it does not and will not serve the residents of California well.

The High Speed rail project connecting Palmdale and Burbank is not viable at this time. All routes currently being proposed are far more detrimental to the communities they impact than to the communities they purport to benefit.

The technology used to construct the Tunnel sections of the project will require vast amounts of water. Water which will infused with chemicals and contaminated.

There are now valid concerns and unanswered question regarding the safety of an underground station at Burbank Airport.

My position is clear; I oppose the current High Speed Rail Project and all routes being proposed.




I am Pro-Life. Exceptions for individual assessments involving the threat to the mother’s life and rape.

Planned Parent Hood

Let me state right from the start that I am Pro-Life; but I do not believe that prohibits me from taking a position and voicing an opinion on the current controversy involving Planned Parenthood and the selling of aborted human fetal tissue.

In the same case, I believe one can be Pro-Choice and have a position and opinion on the immediate issue involving the selling of human fetal tissue from abortions.

Neither position excludes one from taking a position on either side of the issue. You can be Pro-Choice and oppose the harvesting and selling of aborted human fetal tissue and yes in some cases entire human fetal cadavers.

I believe this is just one part of the issue we must address. While the majority of the conversation and action has been directed at the funding of Planned Parenthood with Tax Payer Dollars.

First is the legal aspect of the issue of selling aborted human fetal tissue.

No matter where you stand on the issue of Abortion, the law must be followed. In reviewing 42 U.S.Code 289G-2 of The Public Health and Welfare Code pertaining to the Probations regarding human fetal tissue, it may very well be that the code which went into effect on January 7, 2011 was and is being violated.

Creative book keeping, accounting and intentionally creating a system to hide and deceive how the harvesting, funding and sale takes place is not a justification to ignore this portion of the Planned Parenthood Operation. Abortion is legal, but that does not mean all activity associated with abortion is legal and must be overlooked.

Second is the issue of Public Funding for Planned Parenthood. The justification to continue the funding stream is that no public money is being spent on any part of abortions; all public money is used to provide services to women for a variety of Health Issues not related to abortions.

There are many organizations which provide services for Women’s Health Issues that are not connected in any way to Abortions and are not involved in Human Fetal Tissue Harvesting and Selling.

If Planned Parenthood does not rely on Public Money to conduct abortions, then the ability to continue with the practice providing abortions will not be infringed upon.

Third is the Moral Issue. As I stated in the beginning I am Pro-Life so I am opposed to abortion on its own. But let’s address the Moral Issue of Harvesting and Selling Aborted Human Fetal Tissue.

As more information comes to light, (I am not here to argue the manner in which the videos were obtained or the legality of the way they were obtained) we must address the content.

One cannot dismiss the content by simply focusing only on the manner or method on how they were obtained.

Information has clearly come to light that fully intact aborted human fetuses are being harvested and sold.

You may believe this is acceptable, I do not. I oppose it on moral and legal grounds.

As your Congressman I would first vote in favor of eliminating public funding for Planned Parenthood.

Second, I would initiate and participate in Congressional Hearings into the violation of law and follow up with efforts to insure criminal prosecutions into those violating the law.









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