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June 5, 2018 — California Primary Election
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United States

U.S. House of RepresentativesCandidate for District 52

Photo of John Horst

John Horst

Cyber Security Engineer
5,654 votes (3.4%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Return ownership of all data arising from our economic activity to the individual.
  • Keep taxes as low, and government as small, as possible.
  • Return all employees in the VA to probationary status to clean house.



Profession:Cybersecurity Engineer
Cybersecurity Manager, Large Defense Contractor (2017–current)
Cyber Security Engineer, Major Defense Contractor (2017–current)
Information Security Specialist, Small Defense Contractor (2008–2017)
Chairman, Mira Mesa Community Planning Group — Elected position (2014–2017)
Secretary, Mira Mesa Community Planning Group — Elected position (2009–2014)
Treasurer, Mira Mesa Town Council — Elected position (2009–2012)


Bethel University Master of Divinity (M.Div.), Church Leadership (2008)
Asia Pacific Theological Seminary, Baguio City, Philippines Master of Arts (M.A.) w/ Honors, Theology (1994)

Community Activities

Treasurer, (ISC)2 San Diego Chapter (Cybersecurity Professional Association) (2012–2014)


Only two when my Navy officer father moved us here from Milwaukee, WI, I have grown up here in San Diego, graduating from St. Augustine High School in 1985.  I have lived and studied in Asia, where I met my wife (from Malaysia).  We married in 1995 and have raised our two boys in Mira Mesa.  They are now off to college, with the older boy heading to UC Irvine and the younger to Arizona State University.

During this time I have built a successful career and business in information technology, specializing in cyber security.  I have also given thousands of volunteer hours in my community, having been elected to two terms on the Mira Mesa Community Planning Group where I served as Secretary for five years and Chairman for three.  During that time I saw up close what kind of leadership and support our locally elected officials need from their congressional representative.  I am running to provide that leadership.

Coming to this race from a career in cyber security, I understand the direction the debate needs to be taken.  We must start asking questions about "ownership" of the data we originate as we go about our daily lives.  If we "own" the data, we will have enforceable rights to require that data we originate be deleted once "the bill has been paid."  Our unique genomic sequence - perhaps the very essence of the "digital you" - can now be "owned" by companies providing ethnic makeup reports.  We must be asking what they are doing with this data... And what happens to it should the company go bankrupt and its assets (including the data) be sold.

I have the professional background needed to lead this conversation.

Questions & Answers

Questions from League of Women Voters of North County San Diego (5)

Family reunification is a process that allows immigrants already residing in the U.S. to bring in additional family members. Do you support limiting this process? Why or why not?
Answer from John Horst:

As one who has been through the immiigration system with my wife (from Malaysia), when family members are sponsored, the sponsor is required to agree that the sponsored member will not becoime a public charge.  If this requirement were honestly enforced, I could support allowing immigrants to bring in family members.  It is not enforced, and as such I believe we have to limit this.

Do you support expanding the current border wall between U.S. and Mexico? Why or why not?
Answer from John Horst:

As long as our legal immigration system continues to be the dysfunctional mess that it is, we need the wall.  If we take the administrative portfolio of immigration away from government and get the line moving, there will be no need for human traffickers, and therefore no need for the wall.

Do you support creating additional regulations on gun ownership? Why or why not?
Answer from John Horst:

We do not need more restrictions.  We need better technology to allow states to share data about people who are not allowed to buy a gun.

Should the U.S. remain in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)? Why or why not?
Answer from John Horst:

Yes, we should leave NAFTA.  The Chinese are gaming the "country of origin" designation to the detriment of U.S. manufacturing.  We should have a credible plan to leave NAFTA if it cannot be renegotiated to require genuine reciprocal access to markets.

What programs or legislation, if any, would you support to help Americans of all ages secure affordable health care?
Answer from John Horst:

We need to expand access to group policies to include trade associations, credit unions, and religious organizations.  We need to expand access to HSAs as a means to pay the premiums for these group policies.  If we grant a tax credit to employers for matching employee contributions to their HSA, and make it possible to get a group policy outside of employement then millions of part time workers will be able to get a policy they can afford - and afford to use.

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Total money raised: $29,092

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John Horst
Employees of Garden Communities
Employees of Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton
Employees of Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky and Popeo
Employees of United States Postal Service

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Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

I consider myself a conservative.  But I am deeply disappointed with how - since the financial crisis - conservatism has morphed into corporatism; they are not the same things.  Big Business is not free enterprise.

I believe conservatism essentially prefers civil society over political society.  As I work in the community with people from all political persuasions I am struck by how much we agree on when we consider our intentions for our community, state, and country. I am skeptical, however, of government when it comes to realizing these good intentions.  I have been around government enough to see how a bureaucracy's first priority is perpetuating its own existence and expanding its claim on the budget.  Too often government is where good intentions go to die.  I believe we will be much more successful seeing our good intentions come to fruition if we insist on pursuing them in civil society.  This means government becomes smaller and does less, and funding migrates away from bureaucracies (political society) and to local community groups - who understand the needs better and can make more productive use of public funds.

Position Papers



The authority to govern arises from the consent of the governed... and the legitimacy of our laws is found in our consent to be governed by them.

The authority to govern arises from the consent of the governed... and the legitimacy of our laws is found in our consent to be governed by them. Over and again, voters have withdrawn their consent to laws making cannabis illegal.  Elections matter, and it is time for federal law to reflect the will of the voters.  Cannabis needs to be removed from Schedule I of the Controlled Substance Act.

There are too many stories.  Too many veterans have come back from the precipice of suicide by making moderate, responsible use of cannabis.  Too many cancer patients tell of how they were able to keep working and earning a living while going through chemotherapy.  Too many people with seizure disorders - even parents with children who have epilepsy - tell of how the seizures almost stopped entirely once they started making responsible use of cannabis-derived products.

The states should be left free to manage this issue in accordance of the will of their voters.  The federal government simply needs to get out of the way.

Candidate Contact Info

Phone: 858-254-8575
9051 Mira Mesa Blvd #262219
San Diego, CA 92196

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