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November 6, 2018 — California General Election
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City of Cudahy
Measure CS - 2/3 Approval Required

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Election Results


1,295 votes yes (40.36%)

1,914 votes no (59.64%)

100% of precincts reporting (8/8).

To provide dedicated funding for public safety services (including police services, code and parking enforcement), shall the City establish a parcel tax subject to citizen oversight that expires in 10 years on land parcels at a rate of $343/year per parcel for single family residential parcels; $556/year per dwelling unit for multi-family parcels; and between $3,500 to $112,000/year per parcel for other parcels to raise approximately $5,000,000 per year?

What is this proposal?

Measure Details — Official information about this measure

Impartial analysis / Proposal

Rick Olivarez, City Attorney

The Cudahy Public Safety Services Measure (the “Measure”) establishes a parcel tax on land located in the City of Cudahy (“City”). The tax is structured as a “special tax” within the meaning of Proposition 218 and as such, its proceeds may only be used for the purposes specifically designated in the Measure and nothing else. Under the Measure, proceeds of the tax may only be used to pay for public safety services which, under the Measure, includes the cost of equipment, salaries and other operating expenses associated with police protection, code enforcement and parking enforcement services, including to the extent such services are provided to the City by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (the “Sheriff’s Department”) or some other public agency under contract with the City.

The tax expires automatically in 10 years unless extended by Cudahy voters. The initial tax rate for land parcels is as follows:

These rates will increase each year during the term of the tax by a percentage equal to the percentage change in amount charged to the City for Sheriff’s Department services as set each year by the Los Angeles County Auditor-Controller, subject to a 15% annual cap on such increases. The Measure also mandates the creation of an oversight committee to monitor the use of tax proceeds.

Owners of land parcels subject to the tax will be responsible for paying the tax. The tax will be collected through the owner’s annual property tax bill. Parcels that are legally exempt from federal taxation under the IRS code as well as government-owned property are exempt from the tax.

The tax is estimated to raise approximately $5,000,000 per year in revenues.

Because the proposed tax is both a parcel tax and a special tax, it must be approved by a supermajority of at least two-thirds (2/3’s) of votes cast by Cudahy voters at the City’s General Municipal Election of November 6, 2018. If the number of votes cast in favor of the tax is less than 2/3’s of votes cast, the Measure and the tax established under the Measure will not take effect.

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

Arguments FOR

Vote YES on the Public Safety Measure, which provides dedicated funding for police services, including municipal code and parking enforcement services that expire in 10 years.

This measure ensures optimal safety for all who live, work and visit the City. Cudahy’s dedication to public safety has resulted in the City ranking top 50 Safest Cities in California by Safewise. Although the City’s contract with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department is still the most cost effective option, costs for public safety has substantially increased.

Police services are projected to increase annually up to 15% for the foreseeable future. Other financial challenges stem from 40 years of Proposition 13, capping property tax increases at 2% and Cudahy’s low property tax rate collecting only $0.006 instead of the full penny per tax dollar paid by property owners.

The City has dramatically tightened its operational budget by cutting programs and personnel, reducing it to a skeleton crew. Any additional cuts would severely impact the community’s quality of life. Unfortunately, we must seek additional revenues.

This measure would generate approximately $5 million per year, which will manage escalating costs of law enforcement and related insurance premiums. Funding allocation includes:
1) Deploying more Sheriff’s Deputies to patrol our streets;
2) Enforcing parking violations, reducing neighborhood congestion;
3) Addressing code violations that are detrimental to our quality of life; and

The measure establishes a Civilian Oversight Committee, subject to the City’s annual independent audit, ensuring this revenue is used only for public saftey.

Cudahy’s safety has improved significantly. However, there was a time when residents chose not to use their parks or take walks after dark fearing falling victim to a crime. We never want to go back to those days in our City.


Retired Law Enforcement Lieutenant

Arguments AGAINST


This parcel tax amounts to a BAILOUT for the City Council, which has so severely mismanaged the City’s finances that it now wants YOU to pay for its mistakes. If passed, the BAILOUT tax will cost families between $343 and $543 per year, for the next 10 years! This will affect everyone, including people who RENT, because the parcel tax will be passed on to them in the form of higher RENTS. This money is better spent by your family on school supplies, groceries, and household bills.

Due to severe mismanagement, the City’s General Fund is almost completely depleted. This reflects irresponsible out-of-control spending by the City Council on lucrative contracts for friends and campaign contributors; lavish dinners and generous travel budget for Council members at 5-star resorts; and excessive compensation for senior management, including a City Attorney who gets paid more than Donald Trump, and a City Manager who gets paid more than Governor Jerry Brown!

The City Council is trying to pitch this as a “PUBLIC SAFETY” tax, but this is very misleading! The City of Cudahy has a contract with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Law enforcement is already paid for from the General Fund, and this would continue with or without the Tax. The Council basically wants to FREE-UP the General Fund with YOUR parcel tax dollars, to pay for special interest pet projects that have nothing to do with law enforcement.

In 2017, the People of Cudahy voted down a similarly egregious version of this tax, with 75% of the vote. We were not fooled then, and we will not be fooled again!

Vote NO on higher property TAXES!

Vote NO on higher RENTS!

Bank macroeconomist, Former Cudahy Mayor

Business Manager/Economist

Elementary School Teacher

Secretary/Officer Homeowners’ Association

Replies to Arguments FOR

The cold reality of this parcel tax is that YOUR FAMILY will be FORCED TO PAY between $343 and $543 per year, in the form of higher rents and higher property taxes!

The cost of living in Cudahy is already high enough, and rents keep rising! It is simply UNREASONABLE and UNJUST to ask hard-working families to bailout the City Council Members for their terrible mismanagement of the City’s finances.

The City Council believes that this is “small change” for our residents. Maybe the Council should have some compassion for our people – many of whom struggle to make ends meet.

As for the ostensibly-benign link to “Public Safety” – DO NOT BE FOOLED! The City Council is trying to put a lipstick on a PIG, by linking the egregious tax to something that sounds nice. The reality is that money taken from your family is going to FREE UP the General Fund (which otherwise would have sourced public safety) so that Council Members can spend the money on pet projects that have NOTHING to do with LAW ENFORCEMENT!

…like lucrative contracts for friends and campaign contributors; lavish dinners and generous travel budget for Council members at 5-star resorts; and excessive compensation for the City Attorney (who gets paid more than Donald Trump!) and the City Manager (who gets paid more than the Governor of California!)

The City Council should get its house in order and STOP MISMANAGING THE CITY’S FINANCES, before demanding any more money from your family!

Bank Macroeconomist, Former Mayor of Cudahy

Business Manager, Economist

Elementary School Teacher

Secretary/Officer, Homeowners’ Association

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