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November 6, 2018 — California General Election
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City of Culver City
Measure D - Majority Approval Required

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Election Results


14,192 votes yes (83.16%)

2,874 votes no (16.84%)

100% of precincts reporting (27/27).

Shall the measure amending Sections 606 and 1500 of the Culver City Charter to change the date of the City's General Municipal Election for City Council Members from April of even-numbered years to the date of the statewide general election, currently held in November of even-numbered years, effective in 2020, in accordance with the California Voter Participation Rights Act, be adopted?

What is this proposal?

Measure Details — Official information about this measure

Impartial analysis / Proposal

Carol A. Schwab, City Attorney for Culver City

Culver City City Charter Section 1500 currently provides that the City’s general municipal election shall be held in April of even-numbered years.

The California Legislature adopted the California Voter Participation Rights Act (CVPRA), requiring cities to consolidate their elections with statewide elections, if voter turnout for a regular city election is “…at least 25% less than the average voter turnout…for the previous four statewide general elections…” The California Attorney General has issued a formal opinion concluding that this requirement applies to charter cities.

Culver City voter data shows that for the last four municipal elections, the average voter turnout was 19.29%, which is approximately 48.2% less than the average voter turnout of 67.5% for the last four statewide general elections.

Therefore, the CVPRA requirement to consolidate the City election with the statewide election would apply.

In accordance with the CVPRA, this Measure would change the City’s general municipal election date from April of even-numbered years to the date of the statewide general election, held in November of even-numbered years.
Measure D, if adopted, would amend Section 1500 to move the City’s general municipal election from April, 2020 to the statewide November, 2020 election date. As a result, the current City Council terms would be extended by seven months.

In addition, the Measure would amend Charter Section 606 which currently provides for the City Council to elect the Mayor and Vice Mayor at an April Council meeting, each year. To be consistent with the proposed election date change in Section 1500, Section 606 would be amended by changing the election date for Mayor and Vice Mayor from April to the following: 1) For even-numbered years, immediately following certification of general municipal election results; and 2) For odd-numbered years, the second City Council meeting occurring twelve months after the City Council election.

This Measure was placed on the ballot by a vote of the Culver City City Council. To be adopted, State law requires this Measure be approved by a majority of voters. A “Yes” vote would adopt the Measure. A “No” vote would not adopt the Measure.

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

Arguments FOR


The California Voter Participation Rights Act was designed to increase voter participation by requiring cities to conduct local elections at the same time as statewide elections. Measure D complies with the Act by amending the city charter to move our local elections for members of the City Council to November of even numbered years—the same time as state and national general elections.

Measure D will:
- Help the city save money by holding elections at the same time;
- Dramatically increase voter turnout in our local elections;
- Advance the constitutional right to vote and the integrity of the electoral process;
- Increase the participation of groups that are underrepresented in low turnout elections; and
- Engage young voters in local elections.

If we do not vote to align our local elections with statewide elections, a court might order us to do it anyway, without your input and with the City paying all the legal fees.

Please vote YES on Measure D to create a more equitable and inclusive electoral process!

Council Member, City of Culver City

Vice Mayor, City of Culver City

Council Member, City of Culver City

Council Member City of Culver City

Mayor, City of Culver City

Arguments AGAINST


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