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November 6, 2018 — California General Election
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City of Duarte
Measure F - Majority Approval Required

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Election Results


3,570 votes yes (51.36%)

3,381 votes no (48.64%)

100% of precincts reporting (15/15).

Shall the City of Duarte's Fireworks Ordinance (set forth in Chapter 15.05 of the Duarte Municipal Code) be amended to prohibit the sale and discharge of all fireworks everywhere in the City at all times unless the fireworks are part of a public display permitted pursuant to Section 15.05.090 of the Duarte Municipal Code?

What is this proposal?

Measure Details — Official information about this measure

Impartial analysis / Proposal

This ballot measure proposes a change to the City of Duarte’s regulation of fireworks. It proposes a ban on all sales and use of fireworks, including “safe and sane” fireworks. The only exception would be when such fireworks discharge is part of a public display, which is subject to a permit. A “yes” vote is a vote in favor of the ban, and a vote to change the City’s current fireworks rules. A “no” vote is a vote against the ban, and a vote to leave intact the existing fireworks regulations.

Currently, the Duarte Municipal Code permits the use and discharge of “safe and sane” fireworks only on July 4th, between the hours of noon and eleven p.m. Even on that date, any discharge north of Royal Oaks Drive (except specially designated areas within Royal Oaks Park) remains unlawful. In addition, the City issues up to five licenses to charitable “fraternal organizations” (as defined) for sale of fireworks pursuant to a specified application procedure. All licensees must agree to use their profits for youth activities, at which at least seventy five percent of the participating youth are from Duarte.

This ballot measure would remove the entire current licensing application and issuance procedure, effectively making the sale of fireworks of any kind, by fraternal organizations or anyone, illegal in Duarte. It would also enact a city-wide ban on the use and discharge of fireworks in the City, on any day, in any location. The sole exception would be for public fireworks displays, subject to permits under the discretion of the fire chief. The ballot measure also removes the current ability of City Council to waive the one hundred dollar fee for such public displays for “fraternal organizations,” so that anyone seeking to conduct a public display, regardless of their status, would have to pay the fee.

Under the existing Duarte Municipal code, violations of the fireworks sale and discharge regulations is subject to a one thousand dollar ($1,000.00) administrative fine, and violation of all other fireworks regulations are subject to fines of two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) for the first offense, and five hundred dollars ($500.00) for all subsequent violations. This ballot measure provides for a one thousand dollar ($1,000.00) administrative fine for any fireworks-related offense, and retains the current law’s ability to cite violators with criminal misdemeanor violations.

A copy of the full ordinance, which shows all the wording changes from existing law proposed by the ballot measure, is available by mail and upon request from the City Clerk at City Hall by calling 626-357-7931, or can be reviewed by accessing the City’s website at

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

Arguments FOR

Yes on Measure F stops the sale and discharge of all fireworks in Duarte.

All Foothill communities, from La Canada-Flintridge to Claremont, prohibit all fireworks – except Duarte and Azusa. In Los Angeles County, less than 22% of people live where fireworks are allowed, the other 78% recognize fireworks can lead to injuries, loss of property or death.

For some, July 4th is family, friends, and neighbors enjoying barbecues, attempting to stay cool, and watching fireworks. But in many Duarte neighborhoods, setting off fireworks leads to deafening noise, shrieking car alarms, choking on polluted air, staying inside with traumatized pets, and chaos in the streets. The noise can trigger PTSD in veterans who served and defended our country.

Our homes, our children, and our beautiful mountains are all at risk from increasing temperatures and drier conditions. In June 2016, the mountains caught fire. On July 6, 2018, it was 119o. We need to stop playing with fire!

While community groups raise money from selling personal fireworks, they report most 2013-17 revenue went straight to the fireworks companies. There are safer more cost-efficient ways to raise funds, and healthier ways to celebrate! In Duarte, the “City of Health”, quality of life and safety for all is more important than supporting fireworks companies.

Allowing personal fireworks invites the use of illegal explosives. The problem is out of control and we need to take action now. Personal fireworks are not safe. If they were, they would be allowed north of Royal Oaks. Banning personal fireworks will lead to far fewer illegal fireworks and safer neighborhoods citywide.

Without Measure F, the city council can allow personal fireworks anywhere without voter approval, including areas where they are currently banned.

Yes on Measure F will require the city council to seek voter approval prior to allowing any fireworks anywhere.

Vote Yes on Measure F. Learn more at:

Mayor, City of Duarte

Arguments AGAINST

Vote NO on Measure F. Don’t ban State Fire Marshal approved “Safe-and-Sane” fireworks.

Measure F punishes our local, community, non-profit groups, and the residents they serve, by taking away vital, annual funds used for:
- Duarte High School student clubs, ACT-SO
- Graduating senior scholarships
- Duarte High School sports uniforms, equipment
- Elementary music programs
- PTAs, Duarte Boxing, Duarte Library Reading Programs

Many low income families are able to keep their children in sports at DHS thanks to the fireworks booths.

Vote NO on Measure F. Do not ban “Safe-and-Sane” fireworks.

Measure F not only punishes local community groups and residents, it rewards the smugglers of dangerous illegal fireworks, who will descend on Duarte.

The dangers, problems, and concerns about illegal fireworks are being indiscriminately, and unfairly applied to “Safe-and-Sane” fireworks.

There have been no injuries or property damage in Duarte due to “Safe-and-Sane” fireworks, ever. Illegal fireworks explode in the air; “Safe-and-Sane” do not.

Vote NO on Measure F. Do not ban “Safe-and-Sane” fireworks.

Measure F makes it a crime for families to celebrate the 4th of July.

It is a death blow to an American tradition. Our Rights and Liberties are being eroded casually and slowly. Our family, friends, and neighbors are denied their freedom to honor our Country by celebrating its Independence.

A piece of “Americana” will be lost, perhaps not important to some, but very important to us.

Vote NO on Measure F. Do not ban “Safe-and-Sane” fireworks.

In Duarte, we have a strong July 4th tradition. Families and neighbors gather together and build community, while sitting in our yards and driveways, enjoying our fireworks, and each others company.

July 4th has been celebrated with fireworks since 1777. This is what the Fourth of July is all about. Don’t take our “Safe-and-Sane” fireworks away.

Vote NO on Measure F. Don’t ban “Safe-and-Sane” fireworks.

Mayor Pro Tem

Replies to Arguments FOR

Vote No on Measure F. Do not ban “Safe-and-Sane” fireworks.

Measure F supporters incorrectly believe that banning “Safe-and-Sane” fireworks will be the answer to all fireworks related issues. Nothing could be further from the truth. Bans don’t work. Cities that have banned “Safe-and-Sane” fireworks continue to have problems with illegal fireworks.

Look into the San Gabriel Valley night sky around July 4th and see all the illegal fireworks exploding. “Safe-and-Sane” fireworks do not leave the ground.

Illegal fireworks produce deafening noise and shrieking car alarms. “Safe-and-Sane” fireworks do not.

Measure F proponents believe that Duarte is the exception. However, including Irwindale and Azusa, 12 cities within 15 miles allow the sale and discharge of “Safe-and-Sane” fireworks.

Duarte has a long-standing tradition of families and neighbors gathering together, building community, staying in our own yards and driveways, and enjoying “Safe-and-Sane” fireworks.

It’s a sad day when voters are asked to ban family 4th of July celebrations and turn law-abiding families into criminals because they love America.

The Fourth of July is about wholesome family fun. Don’t take our “Safe-and-Sane” fireworks away. Don’t punish those who obey the laws.

Vote No on Measure F. Do not ban “Safe-and-Sane” fireworks.

Mayor Pro Tem, Duarte

Replies to Arguments AGAINST

Don’t be fooled by the political buzzwords of million dollar companies. Phrases like “Americana”, “Freedom”, “Rights and Liberties” and “American Traditions” are all proven to effectively trick people and distract from the truth.

The slogan, “Safe and Sane”, was created by the fireworks industry as a marketing ploy. No firework that reaches 1200° is safe or sane. This year, the LA County Fire Department was called to Duarte on a smoldering fence caused by personal fireworks. Several supposedly “safe” firework misfires were seen at Royal Oaks Park. This year in California, personal fireworks caused the 480-acre Grant Fire. Personal AND illegal fireworks are dangerous.

What about fundraising? Duarte community groups reported keeping only 25 cents of each dollar from firework sales in 2013-17. Our groups deserve better. Other towns found safer and more profitable ways. We can too.

Do you really believe cities where fireworks are banned like Monrovia, Arcadia and Glendora, are less “free”, not “patriotic”, and lacking “traditions”? There are safer ways to celebrate July 4th, such as a professional public display.

This July 4th, 29 of 31 citations went to outsiders not living in Duarte. Those cited verbally abused law enforcement and volunteers working for our safety. Only 1 citation in the past 3 years was issued where fireworks are banned in Duarte.

California is experiencing more and hotter fires. Let’s be patriotic and responsible, and help firefighters who protect us.

Don’t sell our town to these companies. Get the facts:

Vote for Duarte; not the fireworks industry. Ban fireworks.

Vote Yes on Measure F.

Vietnam War Veteran - U. S. Navy

Administrative Assistant

President, Duarte Mesa Association

Public School Teacher

Mayor, City of Duarte

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