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November 6, 2018 — California General Election
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City of Glendale
Measure S - Majority Approval Required

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Election Results


28,363 votes yes (54.66%)

23,526 votes no (45.34%)

100% of precincts reporting (79/79).

Shall the measure to expand funding to protect essential services such as fire, paramedics, police, parks, recreation, senior, library, arts and culture, and affordable housing programs and services, and to improve streets and sidewalks, by enacting a three-quarter percent transaction and use (sales) tax that will generate approximately $30,000,000 annually, until ended by voters, with annual audits and all funds staying local, be adopted?

What is this proposal?

Measure Details — Official information about this measure

Impartial analysis / Proposal

Michael J. Garcia, City Attorney

The Glendale City Council has placed Measure S, the Glendale Quality of Life and Essential Services Protection Measure (Measure), on the ballot to ask the City’s voters to approve a three-quarter percent (¾%) transactions and use tax to be added to the current sales tax. The proposed measure would tax retail sales at three-quarter percent (¾%) of the retail sales price, i.e., add three-quarters of a cent (3/4¢) to the price of an item purchased for $1, or 75¢ to the price of an item purchased for $100.

Measure S is a “transactions and use tax” that is levied on the same type of purchases as the existing sales tax. The combined sales tax rate in Glendale is 9.5%, which is made up of 7.25% state sales tax (which includes an allocation to Glendale of 1%), 2% for Los Angeles County Transportation measures, and ¼% for Los Angeles County’s Homelessness measure. Of these County measures, Glendale receives limited amounts for transportation and homeless purposes. By way of example, for fiscal year 2018-19, Glendale is projected to receive approximately $15 million of the $90 million in revenues that will be generated in the City from the County measures. This Measure would increase the combined sales tax rate in Glendale to 10.25%.

The Measure is estimated to generate $30,000,000 annually for the City’s general fund to be used locally in Glendale. As it is a general tax, the revenues generated by the Measure can be used to maintain and expand funding for general governmental services, including:
- Public safety services, including fire, police, and paramedics
- Park improvements and recreation programs and services
- Libraries, arts and culture programs and services
- Affordable housing
- Infrastructure, such as improvements to streets and sidewalks

Expenditures of Measure S funds will be subject to publicly available, independent annual audits.

A “Yes” vote approves the Glendale Quality of Life and Essential Services Protection Measure, a ¾ percent local sales tax.

A “No” Vote is against approving the Glendale Quality of Life and Essential Services Protection Measure, a ¾ percent local sales tax.

The Measure will be approved if it receives a simple majority of “Yes” votes.

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

Arguments FOR

Vote Yes on Measure S!

Glendale provides unmatched services:

– Public Safety Departments – Police and Fire – one of the safest mid-sized cities in the nation.

– Outstanding Quality of Life programs – Parks, Recreation, Libraries, and Arts and Culture that positively impact the lives of Glendale’s residents.

Sustaining our quality of life despite service and program reductions since the Great Recession of 2008 has not been easy. Coupled with state funding reductions to local agencies, Glendale cut $20,000,000 annually from its General Fund and reduced the City workforce by 337 employees, including 40 Firefighter and Police Officer positions.

Despite these efforts, the costs to maintain and improve City services and infrastructure continue to grow, with the City facing a $6 million annual deficit in just 5 years.

Meanwhile, City residents and visitors are paying County sales taxes and seeing very little in return. If we do not implement this tax now, there could be another County measure that funds another County project with local Glendale dollars. Instead of paying out to other communities, let’s keep the dollars generated in Glendale for Glendale.

Much of this sales tax revenue will come from non-Glendale residents who dine and shop here from other cities and areas. Therefore, visitors will pay their fair share of costs for the protection of these essential services. Approving this ¾ percent sales tax will allow the City to keep local tax dollars in Glendale for local quality of life programs and essential services such as: streets and sidewalks; affordable housing; parks and community centers; and public safety levels.

Keep your tax dollars local!

– RAISE approximately $30,000,000 annually to PROTECT ESSENTIAL SERVICES and QUALITY OF LIFE programs

Glendale Mayor

Glendale Councilmember

Glendale Councilmember

Glendale Councilmember

Glendale Councilmember

Arguments AGAINST


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