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November 6, 2018 — California General Election
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City of Pomona
Measure PG - Majority Approval Required

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Election Results


19,786 votes yes (66.5%)

9,966 votes no (33.5%)

100% of precincts reporting (60/60).

To maintain/prevent reductions to City services including 911 emergency response times, police/fire protection, drug/gang-prevention, youth/after-school/park programs, address homelessness; fix streets/potholes, maintain library services, provide senior, business development and other general services for the City of Pomona, shall the measure establishing a ¾¢ sales tax providing approximately $12,000,000 annually, ending after a period of 10 years, requiring public disclosure, oversight, all funds for Pomona?

What is this proposal?

Measure Details — Official information about this measure

Impartial analysis / Proposal

This Measure is the “Pomona Public Safety, Homelessness and Essential City Services Protection Measure,” and proposes a three quarters of one percent (0.75% or ¾%) sales tax for the City of Pomona over the next 10 years. The voters of many cities in Los Angeles County have approved a similar sales tax as a revenue enhancement measure. Among those cities that have approved a local sales tax are Santa Monica, Long Beach, Pasadena, Pico Rivera, Montebello, Huntington Park, and Lynwood.

This Measure places before the voters the decision of whether or not to create a three quarters of one percent (0.75%) tax to be imposed upon the sales of goods and merchandise sold within the City of Pomona over the next 10 years. If approved, the City would amend its Municipal Code to add an Article implementing the 0.75% sales tax, which is expected to generate approximately $12 Million annually for general city services and purposes. These revenues could be used for all City services or programs, including increasing police services, improving 911 emergency response times, addressing homelessness, improving streets, expanding and maintaining library and youth programs, supporting drug/gang prevention programs, and providing other essential municipal services that support the residents and businesses in Pomona. After 10 years, the 0.75% sales tax would automatically expire.

This Measure also includes a “Citizens Oversight Committee” comprised of seven (7) members of the community, each of whom is appointed by a City Council Member. The City Manager shall designate a member of City staff to serve as the Staff Liaison between the Committee and the City Manager and City Council. The Committee shall serve in an advisory capacity, and shall hold meetings to review the City’s expenditure of sales tax revenue generated as a result of the 0.75% sales tax.

On August 6, 2018, the City Council directed this Measure to be placed on the ballot at the General Municipal Election to be held on November 6, 2018.

A YES vote supports establishing a 0.75% (three quarters of one cent) sales tax within the City and is expected to generate approximately $12 Million in general fund revenues per year, for the next 10 years, to be made available for all City programs and services, and would establish the Citizens Oversight Committee to monitor the City’s use of the new revenues.

A NO vote results in the City not implementing the 0.75% sales tax and the City would not receive the estimated revenues for City programs and services. The Oversight Committee would not be established.

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

Arguments FOR

Vote Yes on Measure PG to provide City of Pomona funding to address homelessness, reduce crime and keep our neighborhood clean and safe.

Sacramento is releasing parolees into our community and crime is rising, impacting our safety and quality of life. Since the economic recession, 31 sworn police officer positions have been eliminated and the number of fire trucks available to respond to emergencies has been reduced.

Measure PG will keep Pomona safe by providing funding for more police officers on our streets and keep fire stations open so our first responders can be there quickly in medical emergencies and save lives.

Pomona’s streets and roads are in poor condition and are long overdue for repaving. Independent paving engineers rated 40% of roads in Pomona in serious need of repair. Measure PG addresses our infrastructure needs now, before they worsen and cost more in the long run.

Measure PG maintains library services, afterschool, recreational and job training programs that provide our local youth with safe/supervised activities to keep them out of trouble and away from gangs.

Vote YES on PG to:
– Maintain and improve rapid response to burglaries and 911 emergency response times
– Maintain and increase neighborhood police patrols and local fire protection
– Repair deteriorating streets and keep parks and other public areas clean and safe
– Continue programs that keep kids safe and out of trouble, including drug and gang prevention programs

Public Disclosure of All Measure PG Spending Required:
– All funds will stay right here in Pomona
– An independent citizens’ oversight committee will review all expenditures
– Requires annual audits
– Measure PG sunsets in 10 years

Measure PG ensures visitors pay their fair share when they use our local services. Prescription medicine and groceries are exempt from Measure PG.

Join us – vote YES on PG and keep Pomona safe.






Arguments AGAINST

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! No more sneaky taxes! What happen to trasnsparency at City Hall? Let democracy prevail one Pomona Councilman says about this sneaky sales tax. The Mayor and council claim this is a first attempt to fix the fiscal crisis at city hall, baloney. In the past ten years two taxes measures were submitted to the voters but the language used was manipulated to make the measures fail. In this sample ballot wording regarding the 3/4 cent sales tax drafted by the City Attorney and approved by Pomona Council they hide the fact that this is a sales tax increase. Misleading the voters in the voting booth is not democracy but hypocrisy. The sample ballot words should read:

“Measure to Enact a three-quarters of a percent cent increase of the current 9.50% percent sales tax to a rate of 10.25% for a period of 10 years with no exemptions for those who live within the poverty level, pay high rent and no strict guidelines of where the money is spent. Money generated to be deposited into the general fund with no specific amount set aside for pot holes, senior programs, speed humps and the library. The blue ribbon citizen oversight committee is a trick to pacify the community. They will have no binding leverage of where the funds shall be spent but may advise the city manager.

Concerned Citizen and Water Board Member

Replies to Arguments FOR

Pomona voters don’t be fooled about the Pomona sales tax increase for so called city services. Pension cost, employee retirements cost will drive the city into a financial crisis by 2020. There is no other solution to jump-start the City of Pomona economy.

This increased sales tax (3/4 %) from the current 9.50% to a rate of 10.25% is the highest permitted by California law. It will affect individuals and families different depending how much one purchases some groceries, non-prescription medicines, vehicles, gas and more.

They say the increased sales tax will attract new businesses and jobs for the unemployed but will it?

They say the 12 million dollars generated annually will have a strict citizen oversight committee appointed to advise the uses of funds. However, Pomona has had many oversight committees that have failed.

1) A 1 million dollar code enforcement officer paid for by a waste transfer station that was negotiated by community members to mop up code violations in south east Pomona? There has not been one report to council in ten years.

2) A appointed Pomona trash and recycle task force ordinance drafted over two years which was supposed to mop up code violations in south east Pomona? It was tossed in the trash after threats of a lawsuit.

3) Community members of north Pomona met with city staff and after two years efforts drafting a revised F-Zone ordinance and oversight for Fair/Plex events the task was handed over to the Board of Supervisors and Fair/Plex officials.

Water Board Member Concerned Citizen

Replies to Arguments AGAINST

The lone opponent simply doesn’t have his facts straight.

Pomona’s police, firefighters, families, business people and community leaders are coming together to vote YES on Measure PG. Here’s why:

Fact: Pomona’s fiscal crisis is very real and very urgent. Pomona is facing a severe budget deficit that will only continue to grow. Measure PG provides the locally-controlled funding Pomona needs to keep our community safe and upgrade our streets and roads.

Fact: Measure PG is transparent. Public disclosure and annual audits of all spending is required. The citizens’ oversight committee is mandated to oversee all expenditures and make public reports to the community.

Fact: Measure PG keeps Pomona safe. The City has already made significant cuts to our police officers and crime prevention programs even while the state is early releasing parolees into our community. Measure PG will prevent further cuts to public safety and address critical issues like homelessness, burglaries and improved roads.

Fact: Without Measure PG 9-1-1 response times will suffer, putting lives at risk. With staff reductions, response times to emergencies are longer. Measure PG will help ensure we have the police and fire personnel needed to respond to emergencies and save lives.

Fact: Measure PG adds less than one cent to every sales taxable dollar to protect vital city services in our community. Out-of-town visitors will pay their fair share when they use our local streets, police and parks.

Join us – Vote YES on PG for a safer Pomona.

Council Member, District 1

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