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November 6, 2018 — California General Election
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City of San Fernando
Measure A - Majority Approval Required

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Election Results


3,551 votes yes (69.26%)

1,576 votes no (30.74%)

100% of precincts reporting (7/7).

Shall the City extend the half percent (1/2%) transactions and use tax to continue to preserve funding for essential city services such as SFPD, LAFD and SFPW; street repairs, park beautification, and other public works infrastructure projects; cultural and recreational programs; economic development; staffing recruitment, retention and wages; restoration of the City's emergency "rainy day" fund; and other unrestricted general revenue purposes until voters decide to end it?

What is this proposal?

Measure Details — Official information about this measure

Impartial analysis / Proposal

Rick R. Olivarez, City Attorney

If approved by a simple majority (50% plus 1) of votes cast at the City of San Fernando (“City”) General Municipal Election of November 6, 2018, the San Fernando Preservation and Beautification Measure (the “Measure”) would extend the City’s existing one half of one percent (1/2%) transactions (sales) and use tax indefinitely. This tax was first approved by San Fernando voters at a Special Election held in June of 2013 and is currently set to expire following September 30, 2020.

COLLECTION: The half-percent transactions and use tax is paid in addition to the existing County-wide sales tax on sales of tangible goods and is collected at the same time and in much the same manner as the existing sales tax. The tax adds approximately 50¢ to a retail purchase of $100 or a half-penny to a purchase of $1.00. With the exception of those items that are exempted from the tax, the tax applies to most over-the-counter sales of tangible goods and to restaurant sales. For purchases of big-ticket items (e.g., appliances and furniture), the tax would apply only if the item is delivered by the seller to a San Fernando address from a point of sale located within or outside of the City of San Fernando. For automobile sales, the tax would apply only if the vehicle purchased was registered to a San Fernando address, regardless of whether the vehicle was purchased from a dealership located in or outside of the City.

EXEMPTIONS: The tax does not apply to purchases of prescription medication nor does it apply to most basic grocery store food purchases for items like milk, meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, cereals, coffee, sugar, baby food, bread and other bakery products, nuts, condiments, candy, juices, bottled water and the like.

USES: The tax is a “general tax” per Proposition 218 and as such its proceeds may be used for any public or governmental purpose, including, but not limited to, police and emergency response services; the construction, maintenance and repair of City infrastructure, including streets, sidewalks and parks; cultural and recreational programming; staffing retention and recruitment; economic development efforts; restoration of the City’s emergency “rainy day” fund and other unrestricted general revenue purposes.

NON-RESIDENTS PAY: Non-residents will continue to share in paying the tax for most over-the-counter retail purchases thereby helping to pay for their use of the City’s streets and other infrastructure.

OVERSIGHT: The Measure will continue to require the annual preparation of a publicly available report that tells how much revenue was collected under the tax and how those monies were used.

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

Arguments FOR

Vote “YES” on the San Fernando Preservation and Beautification Measure

In 2013, San Fernando was on the brink of bankruptcy and had a $5,700,000 General Fund deficit. The City’s workforce lost 32 positions, including 6 Police Officers that keep San Fernando safe and 13 Public Works staff that keep San Fernando clean. As a result, voters approved a ½ cent local sales tax, which expires in 2020.

Now, the General Fund deficit is less than $1,000,000 and is on track to be eliminated within a year, 10 police vehicles have been replaced, more than 5 miles of streets have been resurfaced, 43,000 square feet of sidewalks have been replaced, Brand Boulevard was beautified to create a notable entrance to the City, and a number of recreation programs have been expanded, including the Dia de los Muertos 5k run, Open Streets Festival, and JAM Sessions.

A “YES” vote will extend the local Sales tax and secure the future of San Fernando by:
– Attracting unique and top notch entertainment, retail and restaurants.
– Increasing the number of Police Officers patrolling the streets.
– Increasing field operations to keep San Fernando clean.
– Enhancing the annual residential street resurfacing paving program to touch every street in San Fernando on a 10-year cycle.
– Repairing, replacing and maintaining San Fernando’s playground and exercise equipment, tot lots, sports fields, and park lighting.
– Establishing a “rainy day” fund.

If the local sales tax is not extended, the City will lose $2,500,000 per year and will again be living “paycheck to paycheck.” Based on current estimates, the City will be unable to pave streets, repair recreation facilities, or replace vehicles and equipment with any regularity unless a new revenue source is identified.

We urge a “Yes” vote to protect the future of San Fernando and the services essential to the vitality of our community.


Vice Mayor




Arguments AGAINST


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