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November 6, 2018 — California General Election
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City of West Covina
Measure T - Majority Approval Required

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Election Results


7,295 votes yes (27.7%)

19,036 votes no (72.3%)

100% of precincts reporting (55/55).

Shall the office of City Treasurer be appointed by the City Manager?

What is this proposal?

Measure Details — Official information about this measure

Impartial analysis / Proposal

The California Government Code requires each city to have a City Treasurer, who is to be either elected or appointed. The City Treasurer is required by the California Government Code to receive and keep funds received, deposit and secure public funds in trust received, pay out money on lawfully signed warrants, submit written reports monthly to the city clerk accounting for receipts, disbursements and fund balances, and perform duties regarding collection of city taxes and license fees as are required by City ordinance. The City’s municipal code also requires certain duties be performed by the City Treasurer. The duties required by state law of the Treasurer are actually performed by administrative staff.

Measure T would change the manner in which the City Treasurer of the City of West Covina is selected. Currently, the City Treasurer is elected directly by the people, and must reside in and be a registered voter of the City. There is no requirement that the elected City Treasurer have received any specific education, certification or training. The City Treasurer serves an elective term of four years and then must stand for re-election to continue as City Treasurer. Any vacancy in the position must be filled by appointment for the duration of the elective term or by special election.

This measure would make the City Treasurer’s office an appointive rather than an elective office. If the measure passes, any person elected to the City Treasurer position in 2018 and sworn in by December 31, 2018, would serve that elective term until its expiration in 2022, or until there is a vacancy in the position, whichever comes first. Thereafter, the City Treasurer would be appointed by the City Manager. The City Council would either have to approve a job classification specification identifying job requirements, minimum qualifications for training, education, experience or certification for the City Treasurer position, or delegate the statutory functions of the City Treasurer to the City’s Finance Director, who actually performs all the functions of the City Treasurer required by the California Government Code in West Covina. The City Manager could hire or designate an existing position as City Treasurer from among all qualified candidates or employees, regardless of where they live or are registered to vote. An appointed City Treasurer would not have to be a resident or registered voter of West Covina. An appointed City Treasurer would serve at the pleasure of the City Manager, as part of the Finance Department, under the supervision of the City Manager, who is also appointed by the City Council. Thus, an appointed City Treasurer could be replaced if he or she was not performing satisfactorily or became unable or unwilling to perform the job duties of the City Treasurer. Temporary appointments could be made to the position during any search for and interviews of qualified applicants, and no appointment within sixty days or special election would have to be held. If the measure does not pass, the City Treasurer will continue to be an elective office.

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

Arguments FOR

Vote YES on Measure T

When West Covina first incorporated in 1923, the elected City Treasurer served an important purpose. As city finances became more complicated, cities recognized that a politician, whose only requirement was to be an 18 y/o registered voter, wasn’t enough. The actual Treasurer’s responsibilities were delegated to professional staff.

75% of all California cities no longer elect their Treasurer. Instead, they recognized the need for a qualified professional Treasurer.

A YES vote on Measure T saves taxpayers money. The City spends tens of thousands of dollars to hold an election for City Treasurer every four years – money better spent on essential public services rather than paying for a politician with very little responsibility.

A YES vote on Measure T limits West Covina taxpayers’ liability. Last year the city spent more than $13,000 investigating complaints filed against the current Treasurer – a position that no longer has the authority it did in the 1920’s. Every citizen can get the same information the elected Treasurer has. Cities that had an elected Treasurer, like San Bernardino, still faced bankruptcy.

Vote YES on Measure T. Save taxpayers money, limit the city’s liabilities, and recognize that dedicated financial professionals have already replaced a completely unnecessary elected politician.

West Covina City Mayor

West Covina Councilmember

Councilman/Taxpayer Advocate

Elected City Clerk

Arguments AGAINST

Argument For A No Vote To Replace Elected City Treasurer With An Appointee

West Covina’s Founding Fathers felt having an elected City Treasurer was an important factor in maintaining checks and balances in local government or they would not have established the position when the City was incorporated in 1923.

Checks and balances are needed as much now as they were needed then, why change now?

West Covina residents need a City Treasurer who is elected by the people, and accountable to them, not an appointed one under the control of the City Council or City Manager. An Elected City Treasurer safeguards the public’s right to access the City’s financial information, and can help protect against fraud, abuse, and corruption by bringing financial issues to the attention of the public. An Appointed City Treasurer would be loyal to the city government, not the People that provide the funds to run the City.

It is never a good idea to give up your ability to vote for a Representative of the People, because once you do, it reduces your voice in government. Your constitutional rights depend on keeping that voice.

The current city Council voted to make the Elected City Treasurer position an UNPAID position. Having the City Treasurer duties performed by an employee would increase the City’s cost for that position.

The truth is simple. Some City leaders are afraid the current Elected City Treasurer will reveal more information embarrassing to this City Government, and wish to replace that position with an Appointee who may not question details of an expenditure.

Given the City’s current financial crisis, it is even more important now than ever to have an independent Elected City Treasurer as a necessary layer of protection for the public interest.




Replies to Arguments FOR

SHAMEFUL, SHAMEFUL is all one can say as men and women, far from home, defending the right to vote of others, we have two veterans and the taxpayer advocate on the city council telling us it COSTS TOO MUCH to hold an election and want to deprive you of another vote for an important position. They already took 4 of 5 council member votes from you. Now this!

The reason for this change is simple. This is political retribution for the City Treasurer questioning write-offs, for example, of $700,000 of investments in BRAZIL and other expenses.

The reason they want a change is they do not want a City Treasurer questioning the financial stability of the city.

They claim professionals can and do handle the duties.

The same professionals who approved $1 million in spending, claimed no harm to services, then announced we spent $6 million more than planned, eventually resulting in the elimination of 6 police and 9 firefighter positions?

Those same professionals the supporters of this measure want us to follow who gave $387,000 in salary increases, only to TERMINATE 21 maintenance employees to save $238,000?

The council majority and city manager want to have the ability to reward friends and others by changing an ELECTED UNPAID position into a $180,000, plus benefits, appointment.

Considering the current state of the city, financially, we need this elected position more than ever.

Do not lose another vote. NO on T



Replies to Arguments AGAINST

Vote Yes on Measure T.

The opponents to Measure T try to paint an illusionary trumped up vision of what happens if the authority of the elected City Treasurer is put in the hands of professionals.

What the opponents misleadingly failed to inform you of is that this actually took place decades ago. As finance became more complicated the state already transferred authority to qualified professionals.

The Treasurer is a Treasurer in name only.

That is one reason almost 75% of California cities no longer have elected treasurers.

The spurious charge that this measure will cost taxpayers money or lose a “voice” is a sham.

The elected treasurer has no right to any more information than you do.

Do the math.

ZERO the number of times the elected treasurer commented on this last year’s budget.

ZERO the number of embarrassing items revealed by the elected treasurer.

ZERO the number of times taxpayers were protected by the treasurer.

$13,000 the cost of having to investigate complaints against the treasurer.

Tens of thousands of dollars- the cost of treasurer elections.

Unlimited - the amount of potential liability for possible claims against the city.

Voting for Measure T saves taxpayers money.

Voting for Measure T ends the biggest fraud of them all. A politician with a fancy title and no responsibility. A big ZERO.

Vote Yes on Measure T



Councilman/Taxpayer Advocate

Elected City Clerk

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